Camila Mariana Ramon

November 2016, Camila moved from Miami to Los Angeles and made a decision that changed her life for the better - to pursue a life based on things that make her happy, starting with fitness. She is now a Flywheel Sports Instructor and a NASM certified trainer. You will always find Camila dancing, running, cycling, hiking, doing random yoga poses or making yummy meals from scratch. 

Nicolle Lopez

Based out of the DC area, Nicolle Lopez is a Marketing Professional by day, foodie and Master Vixen Workout Instructor by night. She has a passion for teaching and trying new experiences.  Nicolle's ultimate quests in life are to find the perfect seafood pasta and just the right temperature to create a champagne slushie. She also wishes more people followed her on Spotify.

Yasamin Nosrati-Shamloo

Yasamin is a Registered Mental Health Counselor who believes in the power of a healthy, strong mind. She received a bachelor's in Psychology from the University of Florida and a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Miami. She’s not one to shy away from talking about mental health and is inspired by others who are willing to be vulnerable about their own journeys. Her favorite season is summer, hence why she’s never lived anywhere except Florida, and probably never will!

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