Playlist Yoga Review

When i first moved out to Los Angeles at the end of November, i decided to do a quick class pass trial so i could explore some of the local studios and potentially meet some people. After doing some research about different yoga studio options, i came across Playlist Yoga. This unconventional yoga studio is known for playing upbeat music during its classes, providing a killer workout through though-out movement to the music, no matter the genre.

I took class with Kate Alvarado and let me tell you - this girl was killin' it with the playlist! I know that the fact that "it's all about the music" is in the name, but i was still like "hot damn this girl got some tracks," all while secretly wishing i could Shazam from downward dog. The class that i took was The Remix - Sculpt, and it was definitely not what i had in mind. Then again i did not do my research.

Apparently The Remix - Sculpt is basically yoga boot camp. It starts off deceivingly enough, but before you know it you are doing jump lunges into pushups and squat jumps to the best trap music you've ever heard. Don't get me wrong, it was definitely an amazing workout, but i was expecting a more traditional yoga class with a musical twist only. I guess i'll just have to go back one day for the Playlist class.

Playlist Yoga is a refreshing new take on your traditional yoga studio. It offers a completely different experience, from the lyrics on the wall, to the names of artists for locker identification.

See more information about Playlist Yoga here.

624 N La Cienega Blvd

West Hollywood, CA 90069

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