A Little About My Journey

Hey there!

First off, if you are reading this, i love you and all your great energy.

I thought i'd start my first post here telling you a little bit more about my journey and what led me to start my own fitness blog. For all my life i have always been drawn to physical activity. To the notion of pushing the body to extremes, especially in endurance sports and competitive activities. When i was in high-school i ran cross country, track and field, weight trained and was an active member of the competition dance team. I worked my ass off during those years to be able to do what i loved, and the fact that i was able to do it just motivated me to continue doing so.

When i was in college, i was once again on the dance team and i participated in many long-distance events like half marathons (haven't gotten to the full yet), and many obstacle course races including the Spartan Race. I was then what i have always loved. Then the reality of having to pay for a mortgage kicked in and i did what most college students do upon graduation -- i got a corporate job. I was working for an international marketing and public relations company. Sounds exciting, right? Well, it wasn't the worst gig ever, but i was sitting at a desk, mainly stressed out and on deadline for a solid 9 hours a day. Not to mention that i could care less about the companies i was representing (except JetBlue because they are amazing). I wanted to work in the health and wellness industry because it's what i truly, to this day love. It's what would keep me happy.

Working a corporate job started taking a toll on my body, well-being and overall happiness - so i decided to make a change. I went from working full-time to a freelance part-time position and began to change my lifestyle and goals completely. Today, i am about to begin my journey as a Flywheel Sports indoor cycling instructor and i could not be more excited and optimistic about what the world has to offer. And what i have to offer the world.

I made this blog to be able to devote time towards the things that i really love. To provide myself and other people a journal of reference for things that interest me, and, in turn other fitness enthusiasts. I hope that if you are reading this and are going through something similar, that you find your outlet. That you find your happiness, and that you find self-love because nobody is going to love you and your body like you do.