Barry's Bootcamp Review

The first time i took a Barry's Bootcamp class was in December of last year when i first moved to Los Angeles, saw that it was on ClassPass and was like "Hell Yeah!"

You see, in Miami (where i am from), they did not offer Barry's Bootcamp on ClassPass, and the first class was definitely not free, i know this because i asked. I walked into the studio and was like "Hey guys, is the first class free?" and one girl giggled until a bronzed Fabio replica was like "No we do not offer that, the first class is $30.00." You see, i would go into Barry's Bootcamp in Miami Beach frequently because i was in the area and they had a bomb peanut butter smoothie, would look at the red lights in the studio and wonder, how do 30 people work out in there at the same time, not trip over each other, and still pay $30.00 per class to be smushed? I wondered as i sipped my 194 calorie skinny PB smoothie, multiple times a week after my more affordable workout.

All i knew was that there were treadmills and HIIT training involved, and that they claim to be "The Best Workout in the World." Given that i really love running, especially at high intensities (don't judge), i still wanted to know what the hype was about.

Fast forward to December - my first class was with Allie Cohen, and let me tell you, it was so amazing that it completely erased all the previous experiences i had with Barry's in the past. She was extremely attentive to me during my first class, as well as all other clients in the room. If you've never been to Barry's, its basically a two station set up, where you start on the treadmill or on a free weight station and you alternate between HIIT running intervals and strength training. Now i understood how so many people fit in the same room. Even if all treadmills are taken up during a class, attendees are stationed in the free-weight stations because, well, you switch. Mind blowing.

Anyway, i hadn't voluntarily sprinted on a treadmill at level 12 since high school, and it was beyond pleasant for me to do it during class - because the entire room is lit to give you a sexy red glow that makes you feel like you are working out at LIV nightclub, because the playlists, depending on the instructor, are dope, and because she called out "Level 10, 11, or 12," and my competitive ass had to go for 12. After that sprint it took me a minute to realize that we were changing stations for which reason i recommend that you arrive 15 minutes early so they can really explain the process. The Barry's Bootcamp method is very encompassing in terms of cardio and strength training. It is a great workout if you only have one hour to devote to strength and cardio training. I personally burn about 500 calories which is substantially impressive for an indoor training class, and i was very sore afterwards.

I guess the last thing to ask would be, "Is Barry's Bootcamp really the best workout in the world?" It's pretty damn close.

UPDATE: I went to the Barry's Bootcamp location in Venice. It is beyond amazing. The studio is so ample, chic and accommodating. They even have an entire room upstairs with foam rollers, resistance bands and other equipment.

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