Yogaworks Larchmont Review

So i've been exploring the fitness community out here in LA, as promised. I had decided to go to the Modo Yoga La Brea location with a friend and was very excited to attend class. I even purchased my spot online ahead of time. It was the day of, i had some trouble finding parking in the studio, and i arrived 5 minutes early to class. Can you believe that they had already given my spot away to someone on standby? Apparently Modo has some crazy 10-minute before class policy which states that if you are not there 10 minutes before, they give away your spot, even if you already paid for it... i know.

Anyway, we were left in a bit of a pickle because we "needed" to yoga. We had planned our day out perfectly and it had been ruined by a measly 5 minutes. We searched. We called multiple yoga spots in the area and they were either not offering class at that time, the class was booked, or it was too far from our Flywheel training in West Hollywood later on that day. We almost gave up when out from nothingness popped "Yogaworks." Now, to be completely honest, i thought Yogaworks was going to be like the Walmart of yoga studios. I guess that's cause i had seen them everywhere.. but i guess that's probably a good thing. The overall feel of the studio was very homey.. you have to take your shoes off the second you walk inside. It is made of very stress-reducing light wood that slightly creaks as you walk on it.. I loved that.

This takes me to my next statement - the customer service and welcoming vibe in Yogaworks was way beyond what i had expected. The rep in the front was extremely helpful on the phone and guided us to find the perfect class for our experience and interest. I know there are mixed reviews about this online, but from my personal experience, i was pleasantly surprised. I took Hatha Yoga (2) with Colleen Garrity and i have never had an instructor be so attentive and provide as much feedback as she did, and i have gone to many yoga studios, not only in LA but in Miami as well. She was able to gauge the room for everyone's different fitness levels and provide constructive feedback to attendees. She even gave me special tips on my handstand and triangle pose to get a deeper stretch (since i am already pretty flexible). She was funny, had an extremely relaxing voice, and killed us with pushups without us noticing. It was kind of intriguing how someone could be so nice and so mean at the same time. My shoulders are still thankin' her for it.

Anyway, i would definitely recommend Colleen's class in Yogaworks Larchmont to anyone interested in a medium-intensity workout and a deep stretch - i can't speak for any of the other instructors. As far as Modo Yoga goes, I'm going to give them another chance and let you know how it goes.

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