My Favorite Fitness Apps

I've always been a huge fan of fitness apps. They make tracking your workouts and improvements easy as well as keeping you accountable. I first discovered fitness apps when i started running cross country and needed a way to track my runs more effectively. I tried multiple apps just for running, circuit training, and nutrition tracking. With that being said, below are my favorite ones.. the ones i actually use.

Nike Training Club:

I discovered this app not too long ago. I was looking for something that had a more dynamic layout and had variety of workouts with a user-friendly platform. Let me tell you, they have made drastic improvements to this application recently and i can easily say that this is the best workout application i've used to date. You can choose exercises by length, category, intensity and equipment available. It creates training programs for you dependent on your goals and personal fitness level.

Nike Run Club:

The Nike Run Club application is my original fitness app. I have been using this application since 2008 and will never use another running app. It is beyond user-friendly, it too develops different training programs depending on your goals, has a community/social component, lets you add friends, participate in global community runs, and shares your workouts in a sleek and minimalistic component like the nike brand.

FitBit App:

If you have the FitBit fitness tracker, this app is beyond interesting. I am a freak about knowing my heart rate. I like to know when it goes down because it means i am more in shape. Anyway this app measures your heart rate, steps, calories burnt, minutes active, floors climbed, sleep hours, water intake and food intake vs. calories burnt. It creates a goal of calorie deficiency in order to lose, or gain, weight.

My Fitness Pal:

This app is what i've used, literally every time i want to track exactly what i am putting in my body. Lately i have been using it less and less because i am trying to stop micromanaging my food intake and just developing better habits, but it is the best one that i have used so far. You can add friends, create and save recipes, edit macro preferences, add goals AND it even links to the FitBit app so that you don't have to enter your information twice (this app is much better than the FitBit platform for nutrition tracking).

Daily Yoga:

Since i became a Flywheel instructor, i have been needing to stretch more and more often. As a dancer i used to do a lot of this work on my own, but i know that i do negate certain muscles and need to really fulfill full sequences in order to increase both mobility, stability, flexibility, and tone up. Daily Yoga offers many free yoga sequences of different lengths, sequences, and levels. An upgrade is available for a monthly cost, but there are plenty of sequences that are available for free. For what i need the app for it has been enough, but i will definitely be looking for other yoga app options.


If you are new to a city, or to the fitness world in general, ClassPass is an amazing way to get to know the fitness landscape on a budget. Membership specifications, and studio options depend on the city and the kind of membership that you opt for. I do know that they have recurring deals for first-time users, including unlimited fitness classes for first month at 19.99. You heard me. Given that just one yoga class ranges from $20-30 a pop, depending on the studio, this is an amazing way to really visit different studios and decide which one is appropriate for you. Canceling or freezing your membership is easy and quick (done online).

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