BoxUnion Review

So Carbon38 and BoxUnion teamed up and invited a bunch of trainers in the Los Angeles area for a mixer and an introductory class of the new boxing studio in Santa Monica. To be honest, i didn't really know what to expect because i have actually never been to a boxing studio before. I've just taken kickboxing here and there. But i have been meaning to try a boxing class because it's such a great, and defining workout, and really leans you out.

The studio is beautiful from the second you walk inside. There are gorgeous lockers and showers available, and the bathroom is adorable. They even have Poo Pourri!! When you walk into the boxing room, there are 40 bags, strategically placed so that it kind of creates an optical illusion. I thought that was pretty neat. At first i was a little worried about having enough space between my other lady boxer friends, but that was not an issue at all. The way the class is set up, you stay in your area near your bag basically the whole class.

Our instructor was Nicole. She was so amazing, enthusiastic and upbeat. Her class had some dancing in it too, which as a dancer, i loved. I don't know if it was because i had some pent up anger inside cause i had been on hold with AT&T for so long that morning or what, but i was punching for my life. Literally, with so much intention. I surprised myself. I'd definitely say that BoxUnion is worth trying of you are in the area. All of the equipment is brand new, which i would take advantage of. The boxing gloves are provided by the studio, but i also imagine that you can bring your own.

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