My Grocery List

If there is one thing that i believe in is balance. Work-life balance, exercise-recovery balance, nutritional balance. I used to be one of those girls who day after day would eat the same tilapia and asparagus because i thought that's what would make me look "good." Surprise, surprise obsession doesn't make you look or feel good. It actually made me kind of crazy to be honest, and yeah as much as I lost weight quickly, I also rebounded much faster. Anyway, it took me a lot of talks with my cousin who is a licensed nutritionist in Argentina and an Instagram influencer (you can follow her at @Nutricion.Salud.Arg), for me to establish a sustainable diet plan for my specific needs. More on this nutritional information to come, but in the meantime, i decided to share with you my shopping list for day-to-day needs.

Although this list is pretty extensive, this is absolutely not the only thing I eat every day. I vary my diet, Including cheat meals, froyo dates and some alcoholic beverages every now and then because 1. I'm human, and 2. balance is key. I've found that having my fridge stocked with healthy snacks like fruit, help me curb most of my sweet cravings, although i always have a piece of chocolate at night (party time). The key to this list is modifying it for what works for you. If you hate broccoli, replace it with something yummy like kale.. just kidding nobody actually likes kale, but you get the point. Love your body, be happy with where you are at and fuel it for success and health.

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