Table Talk: Steven Goldsmith

If there is one thing we love watching as Steven Goldsmith teaches his indoor cycling class in curated lighting, it’s his umm…shredded biceps. He is a SAG/AEA union actor (you may have seen him in Jersey Boys, Starlight Express and Rock of Ages), singer, Flywheel instructor, former certified personal trainer and all around athlete, who recently made a decision to transform his body – and, as you can tell by the image below, very much succeeded. For the first session of Table Talk, we are sitting down with this fitness machine to talk about how he fuels his body.

What does your workout regimen consist of?

I teach anywhere from one to three Flywheel classes a day (sometimes four in one day), six days a week. I also lift weights five to six times a week and break up each workout by body part (i.e., Monday is chest, Tuesday is back, Wednesday is legs, Thursday is biceps and triceps and Friday is shoulders...sometimes I break up hamstrings and quads into two different days).

Typical Breakfast:

I make sure I have more carbs at the beginning of my day and decrease the amount with each meal as the day progresses. I generally have a healthy serving of eggs in the morning with the complex carb. I do this to get my body prepped and ready for the day. Carbs are much more important in the earlier part of the day than the evening.

Typical Lunch:

I basically have two lunches. One is about 7 oz of chicken, a cup of broccoli and 3/4 cups of white rice. Lunch two would be something like tilapia with a large green salad, some tomatoes, a slice of Ezekiel bread and 2-3 ounces of almonds. I vary it up all the time but that's the gist.


My "snacks" are primarily a meal. I eat 6 full meals a day. Sometimes my post workout meal consists of a protein shake so my body can quickly absorb the protein. I drink a lot of coffee and occasionally tea. If I drink hot water and lemon it's more to keep my vocal chords healthy. We do a ton of talking on that bike and it's a lot to sustain.

Daily Dinner:

For dinner, I usually have some type of white fish or chicken with green beans or spinach or peppers of all of the above. I generally stay away from carbs at this point of the day. Generally I have a glass of Casein protein in unsweetened almond milk before bed. It is a slow releasing protein and great for your overnight fast. Keeps fueling the muscles.

Favorite Recipes:

My recipes are basic and I don't always love them. I eat to live instead of live to eat.

Why did you make the decision to change your body? How did you manage any stresses throughout the process?

As a performer I've had to change my body many times. Sometimes I needed to get smaller for certain roles. Sometimes bigger. More recently, when I began teaching Flywheel, I realized I was in shape but soft. I was skinny but wanted more muscle mass. I just made the decision and went for it. To help me get started and on the right track, I hired a fitness coach to keep me on task, design workout programs for my body as well as catered meal plans. I always knew that diet was important but until I got on this regimen I didn't realize how important it was. It's almost more important than exercise. To manage stress I try to throw in yoga here and there and meditate occasionally. But I have to admit I can be much better about yoga and meditation.

To follow Steven’s fitness journey and for some major #fitspo, you can check his very active Instagram account @Stevendurance.

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