Table Talk: Sabina America Renaud

Sabina America Renaud is a professional, touring dancer based both in Miami and Los Angeles. You may recognize her from multiple world tours and award shows with artists including Maluma, Don Omar, Ozuna, Farruko, J Alvrez and Yandel, to name a few. Let’s face it; to be that caliber of dancer, your diet has to be a clean, energy-producing yet lean-muscle-building regimen to support the hours of rehearsals and shows. What we can also face is that as Sabina dances around in two-piece outfits on stage, she literally has not one ounce of jiggle. Sabina is a Business Graduate who is fascinated by the study of human anatomy and movement. She currently enjoys sharing her craft with others through dance classes and concept videos and hopes to one day open up her own studio.

We sat down with Sabina to find out how we too can minimize the jiggle.

What is your weekly workout regimen?

I basically have two different workout routines – one for on-tour and the other for off-tour.

On-tour: When I feel like I need to tone up, I do insanity daily. When I am looking to maintain, I do it 4 times a week. That is kind of my “long” warm up, and then I will focus on what I feel needs the most work. If we have a performance, i'll do insanity and the show, which is a 2-hour workout within itself. If we don’t have a show, then I’ll replace the show with weight training.

Off tour: I take as many dance classes as I can (2-3 classes a day), with a focus on classes that makes me sweat the most – ones that will give me a workout the entire time like ballet and dance hall. I also do insanity almost daily. My favorite insanity videos are “Max interval circuit, max Plyo and Max Cardio Conditioning.”

Do you follow any specific nutritional regimen?

I do not follow any specific nutritional guidelines. My step-mother told me a saying that stuck with me, “Have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a peasant.” It’s pretty comedic but you get the point. I do not drink any soda, juice – just water.

What does your daily nutrition routine look like?

Breakfast: I wake up and I make a green smoothie consisting of: 1 pear, 1 banana, natural orange juice, 1 kiwi, 1 carrot, 1-2 handfuls spinach/kale, and ½ a cucumber. While I’m drinking that, I make my solid breakfast – 3 egg whites, red, yellow and green pepper, onions, garlic, tomato, spinach and sometimes a sprinkle of cheese. After that I have 1 whole-wheat toast with a latte while I plan my day.

Lunch: I’d say that I’m probably not the best at keeping a strict dietary regimen. To be honest with you, most of the time I am so caught up with dance classes and other activities that I skip lunch. My breakfast is basically a 3-course meal so it holds me off for a long time. I keep snacks on me at all times. Sometimes I’ll have a greek yogurt, sometimes some trail mix, granola bars, something healthy for energy. If I order room service before a show, I’ll have a salad, but that’s not the norm.

Snack: My snacks hold me off until dinner. Like I said I’ll have 1-2 handfuls of trail mix (raisins, almonds, cashews, etc), greek yogurt, rosemary chips with edemame hummus or popcorn.

Dinner: I’m a sucker for noodles and pasta. I normally cook it with veggies and alfredo sauce (I know it’s not good for you). Another carb I really love is couscous, and sometimes I meddle with quinoa. I’ll add an egg for protein – I don’t really eat meat because I don’t know how to cook it and I haven’t found any interest in doing so.

Late Night Snack: I honestly will have fat-free ice cream and brownie bits at least 3 times a week when I’m home. I love sweets. If I’m feeling healthy, I’ll skip the ice cream and have chamomile tea with an almond cookie.

How do you balance being on the road and not straying from your nutrition plan?

I feel that when you snack at the airport or when you are on tour, it’s because you are bored. If you fill your time with an activity like reading a book, catching up on a show, working out, then you’ll be less tempted to snack. If I’m actually hungry, Ill snack. If I am not, then ill watch Netflix or something until I fall asleep. I sleep… a lot.

I would say you made a large shift as to what you put in your body. What made you change the way you eat? Do you have any tips for anyone trying to do the same?

What really motivated my change in diet was a health complication my grandfather had. Wanting to find out what was making him sick was what led me to learn more about how the body works. In learning that, I also learned what foods were better for me, and my body. I started filling my house with healthier foods, that’s it. My main tip is not to think of it as a diet, don’t brag about it, just do it. Because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Announcing it to the world or setting unrealistic goals means that your nutritional regimen has an end. It shouldn’t have an end. It should become part of who you are.

Do you ever stress eat? Do you have any suggestions for managing stress?

Yes. Sometimes I’ll cave in and ill have sweets, maybe ice cream, maybe pasta. If you HAVE to absolutely eat something, portion it. Take ¼ of what you normally would eat and use that amount to satiate your craving. It should be enough. If you still feel like you want to eat, distract yourself…work out, call a friend, go for a walk, watch a show etc.

What are your thoughts about alcohol consumption?

Since I don’t have soda or juice or any of that stuff, I don’t worry too much about my alcohol consumption. When I drink it is always socially and I don’t necessarily consider it as something detrimental to my diet. I’ll drink two times a week if I’m home and/or out with friends.

To learn more about Sabina and see some of her amazing dance videos, be sure to follow her on Instagram at @Sabina.America

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