Nicolle Who?

My name is Nicolle Lopez, and I am joining the EatBreatheSweat crew! I am also writing this post in first-person because blogs are always weird about that (#EndTheStigma). Anywhooo – EBS is growing, but as your lifestyle/fitness source, some questions need to be answered. Who am I? Why am I here? Is it true I only passed my background check because I slipped in a $20 with my form???

Don't look at me like that...

Don't look at me like that...​

I’m based out of Miami, FL. By day, I work at a corporate marketing agency (follow me on LinkedIn), and by night, I am a Master Vixen Workout Instructor (follow me on the ‘Gram). It is a double-life kind of situation (more on that later), but in between my crazy schedule, I love to eat excessively, laugh my sorrows away through social media and plan outings that I always end up wanting to cancel.

I made sure to make my headshot professionally ambiguous. Muted facial expression for business, cleavage to prove I can go-go at the corporate retreat.

Point is, I’m here to add to the “Eating” and “Breathing” part of EBS. Some “Sweat” too – aside from Vixen, I am the kind of person that will do anything in her power to avoid traditional exercise.

I also want to explore topics that relate to being a young professional. With tech and globalization, the corporate world is a different beast. I find that we are alone (euphemism is “pioneers”). Most of the time, the people offering advice on this kind of stuff have never done this kind of stuff… So let’s talk it out with people that are actually going through it.

He didn't build his fortune during the time avocado toast was big. What does he know?!

I’m ecstatic to be sharing with you guys and would love to hear about what you want to read about. Shoot EBS an e-mail with any and all suggestions. If you’ve made it this far into this post, you’re a real one! Pleasure to meet you, and we’ll talk soon!

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