Modo Yoga Review

My friend said, “If you want to go to an amazing yoga studio in Los Angeles, you need to go to Modo. It’s where all the celebs go.” So I tried it. If there is one phrase I would use to describe my experience it would be “so intense.” I don’t know if it was because I taught two Flywheel classes before and because it was a 90-minute heated class, but it was so, so challenging. And this is coming from a person who genuinely enjoys distance running.

My experience with Modo Yoga actually began the first time I ever signed up for a class. I was so, so excited to take class and arrived five minutes early to find out that (due to a hidden 10-minute policy listed online) they had given away my mat. I drove 30 minutes for nothing and was very frustrated. I did decide to give Modo another chance and I’m glad I did. I arrived 15 minutes early this time.

From the moment that you walk into the studio, you are greeted by friendly staff that walk you through the basics. There are community water bottles, mats and mat towels to rent, showers and complimentary bath towels. There are lockers for your belongings and you can swap an I.D. to borrow a lock. There are showers in the locker rooms which are not amazing at all and have only what I’m guessing was an organic soap since it left my skin feeling dry and weird. I highly suggest bringing your own items to shower. There is a juice bar right next door to the studio but it is very over priced, but if you need a little sugar pick-me-up it does the trick.

You are also not allowed to talk once you go in the studio and all classes are heated, so you cannot walk out in the middle of class once you are inside because it is worse for your body. If you do not feel well you simply lie on your back and chill.

The class I took was the Yang Yin L2 with Mark. According to the website, “it is all about exploring extremes to find balance. The first part of class (Yang) is a challenging and invigorating Flow including some additional advanced variations and poses. In the second section (Yin), everything slows down with long restorative holds to relax and restore your joints, muscles and mind.”

The first portion of the class was challenging in the right way. It was tough but attainable. Mark guided us through all the positions and made sure to go around the room to make sure that everyone was on the same page. There was a really great vibe in the room. I never felt judged, I just felt like I was in my practice, which was great. I went with my husband who has never taken a real yoga class before and he felt very comfortable so that says a lot!

The second portion of the class was a bit more challenging for me because we had to hold deep stretches and a lot of the time our head was down and the heat started to get to me a bit. This is where I realized I was probably dehydrated. Regardless, I pushed through and sat in all the deep stretches. They were amazing and challenging because we held them for so long. There were a few that my husband could not get into because he is not flexible. Mark was very great at catching on and providing modifications for him without disturbing the rest of the class. I was expecting for him to curse at me when we got out but he surprised me by saying that he was interested in signing up for a membership – who would have thought. Overall I loved the studio and would definitely go back for a challenging yoga experience.

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