Table Talk: Yarel Ramos

Turn on your TV (or computer) and flip to Univision Edicion Digital California, and you will see Yarel Ramos, the face of entertainment, lifestyle and music template for NBC Universo reporting for your viewing pleasure. As if being the most humble on-air host in the largest US-Hispanic Network in the United States wasn’t enough, Yarel is a philanthropist involved in many non-profit/ volunteer organizations – she is a board member of Corazon De Vida, which provides support for the homeless and abandoned children of Baja, Mexico, and she is a co-founder of RAYO (repartiendo amor y oportunidas) which provides resources and tools for Latino students to reach higher education. In the past, Yarel has also worked as on-air host in Mun2, E! Latino, Telemundo and MSNBC and supported organizations including Techo and First Book.

By now, you are all saying “wow, she does a lot.” And guess what, she still looks fine as hell -- YES, even after those mystery lbs that TV adds. We sat with Yarel to find out what exactly she puts into her body to make her radiate on-screen and off, and to keep her going with those early morning call times.

Can you describe your average workout regimen?

I try to work out at least 5 times a week. I have a trainer @molivation and I see him twice a week. I also love Barrys Bootcamp and I recently started going back to yoga. i love to hike and anything outdoors and I recently started doing cycling and I absolutely love it.

Do you follow any specific nutritional regimen/ restrictions?

I recently started incorporating more protein to my diet. I want to build more muscle. More protein and more weights. I try to keep it as healthy as I can. I don’t eat red meat and try to limit my sugar intake. I have a green juice every morning... even before coffee.

What do you normally have for the following meals?

Breakfast: I normally have overnight oats. I like to do a cup of oatmeal with agave and half a cup of berries. If I have time to cook, I’ll do a 4 egg white omelette, or 3 eggs. Sometimes I’ll do chia pudding as well. I also always have a green juice.

Snack: A handful of almonds or walnuts

Lunch: Chicken breast with salad. I stay away from dressings because I’m personally not a fan. I’ll do soy sauce or lemon and salt. Sometimes I’ll do a quinoa bowl.

Snack: I’ll typically grab a protein shake (only the powder), before my workout.

Dinner: One serving of fish or chicken with brown rice and veggies

Late Night Snack: I have a weakness for almond butter and peanut butter. Every now and then I’ll have a bit of it after dinner as my treat.

How do you balance your fluctuating work schedule - early mornings, being on the road - and not straying from your nutrition plan?

I try to pre-plan always and plan my meals by cooking for the week. That helps me out a lot. I also started taking snacks with me when I fly. When i work early mornings I have coffee, lots of coffee.

Do you have any tips for anyone trying to maintain a specific nutritional plan? What motivational methods do you use to stay on track?

What helps me out a lot is planning things before.. and packing my lunch to work. Cooking and storing things at home are key to having healthy things readily available.

Do you ever stress eat? Do you have any suggestions for managing stress?

Oh all the time.. that time of the month.. I want to devour an entire jar of peanut butter and ice cream. I try to remain balanced as much as I can. I enjoy ice cream once in a blue moon, when I have worked out.

To follow Yarel's journey on social media, be sure to check out @Yarel_Ramos.

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