Greenmonkey Yoga Review

After nine months of practice with my Yoga Studio app, I felt courageous enough to try out a proper yoga studio. I knew the names of most of the poses and had reached a stable intermediate level...according to my app (if you're dipping your toes into this world, I suggest you download it!). So off I went searching for cool studios in South Florida. I came across a Greenmonkey Yoga studio in Coral Gables through Class Pass, and based on their rave reviews, I decided to give them a shot.

At the time of writing, I have taken three Greenmonkey classes across two different studios, each varying and offering me something very different. At their Coral Gables studio, I've taken Method Power - Vibes with Savannah Pocquette. At the South Beach studio, I've taken Hip Hop Flow with Julianne Aarhee and Method Power with Derek Waddy. All three classes were exceptional and made me realize the calming, yet emboldening power of yoga.

For a review, I thought I'd sweep across the board with a couple of highlights.

The Space

Greenmonkey studios are so sleek and appealing to the eye. All rooms are heated, have ceiling to floor windows and equipped with surround sound systems. Their brand new SoBe studio is set on the second floor of the main plaza in Sunset Harbour, surrounded by a halo of white flowers (I kid you not; it's freakin' gorgeous).

The Method

Across all classes, a repeated format I've experienced has been in line with High Intensity Interval Training. The class core revolves around a series of combinations varying in speed, dictated by the instructor. Typically an instructor will go through the first round of the combination with the class, after which they will cease to practice and guide the class verbally. Special thanks to my app for teaching what's what! Instructors are great with beginners, but I must say, having some prior knowledge of yoga terminology will definitely define your experience. Each hour and a half class is also guided by the instructor's music of choice.

The Instructors

All three of my instructors have been wonderful and incredibly knowledgeable - they truly live their practice. Julianne was very hands-on and helped every student in class with their form. Derek had a consistent level of energy; very much needed for his difficult class. And Savannah offered a beautiful, guided meditation during the cool down that is probably the reason why I keep coming back to the studio.

The Experience

Overall, Greenmonkey is challenging, but offers such a unique experience that it is apparent why their classes are so packed. So far, Hip Hop flow has been the funnest class thanks to its amazing playlist, but Method Power definitely kicked my ass.

But, personally, the best part of any class is the cool down because of Greenmonkey's secret weapon: aromatherapy spritz. They engage your olfactory senses during guided meditation, and that just sends you over the moon after a long, satisfying practice.

I highly recommend taking one of their classes. Greenmonkey is a South Florida based studio network, so to learn more about their schedules and locations, check out their site: In the meantime, enjoy your post-yoga-reading glow.

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