Lagree Fitness Studio Review

I went to Lagree Fitness Studio for a TeamC38/Carbon38 event this week. I had been meaning to go to this studio for ever and I was beyond excited when i heard that Carbon was hosting something there! This studio is listed as one of the most efficient and challenging workouts in Los Angeles by multiple sources. We did two of the workouts with two different instructors and have a lot to say about it. Let's go through the basics:

The Location

Lagree Fitness Studio is located right off La Cienega Blvd, a pretty busy, centric intersection in West Hollywood. I just read online that there is actually free parking under the building, but I completely missed that the first time I went to the studio. I parked in the street and there was plenty of metered street parking available at the moment ($2 for 2 hours and the workout is 25 min). The main entrance is off the street and you immediately walk into the studio where the supra reformers are.

The Facility

The studio is completely beautiful. Very clean, minimalistic, and pleasing to the eye. The reformers are at a good enough distance from each other so you do not feel like you are too close to your neighbor. The office is in the back of the studio so you have to walk through the room where people may or may not be working out to go to the bathroom etc. There are lockers where you can put your belongings and two bathrooms. (There are no showers available.)

The Workout

The Lagree workout is only 25 minutes, and man, is it effective. The first session we did was with Sebastien Lagree, owner and founder of Lagree Fitness and the developer of the Supra machine. He focused more on our lower body, including a series of lunges, squats, donkey kicks, and catfishes, among others. We were shaking the entire 25 minutes, and it was indeed an extremely effective workout. It took me a bit to get used to the machine, but by the time we had our second workout I was ready to go. The second instructor was Jenny Brian. Let me tell you she completely kicked my ass. Apart from the fact that I was simply obsessed and inspired by her extremely lean yet toned muscles while she was instructing, she also moved in a vary fast pace which I totally appreciated because we really got the most out of the workout. She made it hard but attainable/offered modifications and made sure to walk around the room to correct any alignment issues, etc. If you are planning on going to Lagree, I would highly recommend her class. Unfortunately at the time that we went, the Supra machines had just gotten an update so the tilt component was not available. I’ll have to go back to check it out once they finish the final updates. I can only imagine that the workout will leave me feeling even more like jello once we have to do lat pull-ups or catfishes with resistance at an angle. Ay!

Final Thoughts

If you like pilates or barre and are looking for a step up (resistance wise) from your daily routine, I think that Lagree Fitness is a great place to challenge yourself in a way that you probably cannot off the supra. This machine is pretty remarkable as it offers low-impact ways of building strength, improving flexibility and more. Even if you are a bodybuilder, this is an amazing way to take some of the strain off your joints, and getting challenging and effective workout in 25 minutes. Like Sebastien said, “you really don’t have an excuse when the workout is only 25 minutes.” He also stated that people like to stack classes and maybe do two back to back. Yikes!

I have not been to many reformer studios (yet), but I’ll definitely say this one will be a hard one to beat. Stay tuned for more reviews on reformer studios!

In these images I am wearing Michi leggings, The Upside sports bra, found on Carbon38 and Toe Sox sold in the Lagree Studio. For 20% off your first order on Carbon 38 use my code CAMILARAM50.

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