Miami Spice 2017

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To our beloved Miami readers: IT'S MIAMI SPICE. PUT DOWN THAT MOJO DONUT AND MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW...then go back to Mojo for extra dessert (seriously).

Image is to scale; these babies are monstrous...

As a serious Miami Spicer, I feel that this fuh-mazing city program did not get enough fanfare this year. Which is ludicrous seeing as how this year so many more restaurants are participating and! THEY GOT BRUNCH. Yeah, stop stalking yelp for a good brunch find, all these restaurants are offering - click here to for a cure to your Sunday AM hangover.

Pictured here is participating restaurant Sweet Liberty's Chiquillas. Not pictured here is their Duck Benny...that's Eggs Benedict with glorious pato!

Another trend I've noticed is that there's a lot of young 'uns on the scene. Totally understand that as a first-time Spicer its hard to trust a list with some of the priciest digs in town. But its true! You can finally try some of the best places in Miami without skipping rent! Three full-courses, one set price per sitting.

This is Dragonfly's Salmon just your first course

So let's talk Health-O-Meter - we can't put a definitive rank as each menu varies by location and time of dining. We can say that most menus offer veggie and fish options; you can also search for restaurants with specific dietary keywords. On that note, here's #EBS top 10 picks for 2017 (all hyper-linked for your food porn pleasures):

  1. Seaspice - Yummy spot with a view!

  2. Dragonfly - Generous portions! We recommend trying the Chicken Karaage.

  3. Sweet Liberty - We salute any establishment that is pioneering in the Eggs Benedict field.

  4. Hakkasan - Miami Spice O.G.; do it out of respect (it'll be worth it).

  5. K Ramen.Burger.Beer - Lobster Ramen...

Bonus: Hit up BLT Steak too!

Due to Hurricane Irma, Miami Spice has been extended throughout October, so there's still time to enjoy (you picked up shutters for the first time in your life this month, you deserve it!). Just know that once you start, its hard to stop - don't be a FOMO!

Click here to learn more about Miami Spice and use one of the most mind-absorbing search engines.

Buen provecho, friends!

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