Cute Hairstyles That Won't Get in the Way of Your Workout

Athleisure has now taken over for some time now. I mean why in the world would anyone ever go back to wearing uncomfortable pants and heels when it is totally acceptable to go to dinner in sneakers and a dress. Or maybe sneakers and leggings? Swap the bra for it's comfortable neighbor, the bralette, and you have a lounge-worthy outfit now acceptable for all kinds of outings. But with that new workout gear hype comes a new pressure to look better in the gym. If your closet consists of 90% workout clothes (we're not judging), there is no excuse to look a hot mess while working out. Taking all clothing talk aside, we decided to highlight some easy hairstyles to step up your gym style at no added cost! We also tested these hairstyles and they are runner approved, so you can feel comfortable doing all kinds of high intensity training.

1. Half French Braid, Half Pony

Braids, Braids, Braids. We love them, they keep your hair out of your face and they look cute as hell. Try this simple twist to your basic pony and add some major style points to your outfit with an added two minutes of work. Simply work on a french braid until you get to the desired pony tail height and slap a hair tie and let the rest of your hair relax in a simple pony.

2. Messy Top Knot Bun

This may take you a bit longer than you may think the first few times, but after a bit of practice you'll be able to develop a "deliberately messy" top knot look that will have you looking fly as hell in the gym and comfy as hell on a lazy day. Whether you layer it and use bobby pins, or you strategically place pony tails, this look works for everyone.

3. French Pigtails

More braids? Yes please! Get some added support from two braids instead of one! This hairstyle is amazing to wear during any sort of fitness competition, race or just a crazy workout because it is almost guaranteed to stay in place. If you are not too confident about your personal braiding abilities, ask a friend or opt for a single braid instead.

4. Double Twisted Pony Tail

Having trouble with the whole french braiding aspect? We've got you covered. This Double twisted pony offers all of the swag from the french braids, minus the stress of achieving a perfect look. Simply start selecting segments of hair and twist back. Secure both sides until you are ready for an up-do and combine in the back for a pony. Perfect look to transition from work to the gym in a jiffy.

5. Pull-Through Pony

This is probably the simplest of all the looks mentioned. Just place your hair into a loose pony tail. Then make some space between the hair tie and your scalp and pull the hair through. Voila!

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