Turn your Vision Into Reality

All great accomplishments begin as a vision, a vivid image in your mind of how you imagine your future to be. Visions are a funny thing because they give your imagination wings to dream the impossible and then drop you right back into your reality thinking, “How am I ever going to achieve that?” One second you’re envisioning yourself in your dream career and then the next second you’re broke without a job and have no idea where to start (true story). But the truth is, you’ve probably already accomplished a past vision that at first seemed undoable, and you most definitely can do it again. Actually, you’ve already taken the first step to accomplishing your goal and you probably didn’t even realize it yet. Research has concluded that there is a relationship between our thoughts and physiology, meaning that simply thinking about yourself engaged in a task can alter your brain and draw you closer to achieving your goal. So, if you want something to happen in your life, the first step is to think about it happening. With that in mind, the most productive thing you can do at this very moment to take your vision closer to the finish line is to create a vision board. There’s power in creating a visual representation of your vision because it brings to life what was once just a thought in your mind. As you gaze upon your vision board day after day, your actions each day will have intention. Your hustle will have a purpose as you finally have a clear goal you’re working towards.

Step 1: Make some space in your schedule to spend quality time creating your vision board. This is not a project that should be rushed. Instead, take the time and create a mental inventory of what you want your life to look and feel like. Think about areas such as: health, relationships, career, personal growth, family, finances, and travel. Is there something that you’ve always wanted to achieve, even if it’s something silly like learning how to dance salsa, it deserves time to be thought about.

Step 2: Get creative! There are no right or wrongs in this process. You can use anything you desire to turn your vision into a visual reality. Anything from a whiteboard to a large piece of cardboard can be used as your canvas. Next, gather images from wherever you find inspiration to place onto your desired canvas. Magazines are a popular tool that can be used to find pictures that represent one’s vision, but that’s not the only place to look. Inspirational pictures/symbols for your vision board can be found anywhere. Whatever inspires you or reminds you of your vision, find a way to attach it to your canvas.

Step 3: Choose a location in your environment that will be easy to view your vision board daily. This is not a project you create and then stick in a closet. Your vision board should be something that inspires you on a daily basis. The point is for you to keep your eyes on the prize.

Step 4: Put your vision into action. The hope is that as you stare at your vision board, you get inspired to live each day with intention and purpose. Sometimes the road to achieving our goals can be long and exhausting and giving up begins to seem like the best possible option. It is at these very moments when your vision becomes absolutely necessary to keep in mind. You will only be able to endure the pain you feel in the present moment when your vision is vividly maintained.

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