How to Become a Pumpkin Patch Pro

Oh my gourd! Ya blinked once, and boom! Its fall! For some of us, fall is one of the most beautiful changes of season; for others, like our Miami readers, its one of the most beautiful drops in humidity. Whatever the case, there’s one thing, or better said, fruit, that always heralds autumn: pumpkins!

Re-enactment of our work space while writing this post

So, yeah, pop culture has taught us that PSL is the only way to pumpkin (yeah, I’m using it as a verb), but did you know that most pumpkin-spice anything doesn’t even have pumpkin? As such, we at EBS want to go back to basics and use the Great Pumpkin as it was intended. Why?

Benefits of Consuming Pumpkin

Better Vision - provides Vitamin A

Lower Blood Pressure - destress!

Heart Healthy - thanks to it’s strong fiber

Sleep Better - its all in the seeds, baby!

Benefits of Owning a Pumpkin

Versatility - carved or not, pumpkins are cool!

Decor - great for both indoor and outdoor design

Price Point - depends on the type, size and quality, but overall affordable given its uses

DIY Friendly - from growing it to using it, a pumpkin can be mastered by even a novice!

Now that we’ve established pumpkins are pretty bomb, EBS will share a couple of ways to use a pumpkin later this month, so keep an eye out! But before we get there, ya gotta know where to find your pumpkins and how to pick one out.

You can find a local pumpkin patch several ways, but as always, we recommend supporting your local farmers. You can find patches at/through:

  1. Farmer’s Markets - check your local listings!

  2. Yelp and/or TripAdvisor - this where you check your local listings

  3. Eventbrite - there are typically pumpkin festivals and fairs going on throughout October and November

  4. Your local newspaper - check the community section

  5. Ask around!

Once you know where to find some pumpkins, you’ll need to know how to pick one out. Going to the experts at Modern Farmers, here are 3 quick tips:

  • Know your pumpkin's purpose - eating vs. decorating a pumpkin calls for different qualifications

  • For decor, avoid any mushy, molding pumpkins - your Jack-O-Lantern should be scary by design, not because its actually dying

  • For cooking, size matters - the more pumpkin you’ve got to work with, the more you’ll be able to cook!

They actually have a couple more tips to consider - click here to read more from the pros.

Now, if finding the right pumpkin, or even patch proves difficult, there are always alternatives. In the case of cooking, buy canned pumpkin. For decorating, you can always purchase an artificial one or try ordering a pumpkin online! The point is, enjoy the season's offerings and really get into the fall vibe!

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