Easy, Affordable Halloween Costumes

Halloween is two weeks away... still no costume? Yeah, we hear ya. We’re freaking out too. So the team put their heads together and cranked out some great, affordable and easy costumes for you to whip up just in time for fright night!

Straight Outta the Spa

We think this fit is perfect to rock at school or at the office this Halloween because it's so comfy. Need inspo? Get into the mood for this costume by making yourself a face mask before stepping out!

Threads: Find a comfy, tie-up bathrobe. Wear some shorts and a tank top underneath - nothing to cover the legs. Throw on your favorite slippers.

Face: You can keep it bare! Or to really go with the theme, try out green or teal facepaint. We recommend this versus actual facial cream/mask because leaving that on your skin for too long can cause some irritation.

Hair: Shower caps or a wrap-around towel.

Accessories: Loofas are always welcome!

Wednesday Addams

This iconic character is a crowd favorite. If you’re witty and have #RBF, you’ve got the role down. Definitely encourage you to watch the most recent Addams Family movies for inspo (this is the excuse you’ve been waiting for to finally rewatch these).

Retweet, Wednesday, retweet

Threads: Visit your local thrift shop, or if you’re like me, just open your closet, and find a black sweater, A-line skirt and some black flat shoes.

Face: Use white powder to lighten your skin tone - you’re going for pale white

Hair: Her braids are her signature look. Try out these hairstyles to give your take of Wednesday a modern look.

Accessories: Not necessary, but if you can find a fake hand at a Halloween store, adopt it as your pet Thing.


You can dress this costume up or down. If you’re going for the college party look, the cloth will do just fine. If you want a more ancient Rome feel, check out our tips below.

Threads: You can either use a bed sheet or buy fabric from Walmart. Linked above is a video with different ways to tie your toga. Don’t forget to wear scandals!

Face: Gooooooold! Now is the time to put that highlighter to work!

Hair: Up or down works, but wreaths are a must. You can buy these online or make your own.

Still Panicking?

Let’s say you do want to go the extra step and win Halloween: consider renting or buying professional costumes. You can do this through online retailers, but we always encourage our readers to support local: dance studios, theaters, seamstresses. At EBS, we’re fans of Inner Beings! This season they’re offering Halloween rentals - check out their IG for more information!

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