Miami Food Round-Up

As Eat Breath Sweat's resident faux culinary savant, I basically get to share all awesome yums I come across! To be honest, I outpace myself. I eat at so many restaurants. I typically dig into my food before realizing I should've taken a photo or altogether forget and only remember when its time to write on here. Very anti-millennial of me...

This moment would've totally been lost had it not been for my paparazzi

Sometimes I remember to take pictures, then come to realize I have too much to write about. These are one of those times. As such, I'm thinking that it'd be interesting to start a food round-up. Just a quick list of places to keep on your radar - a blurb and some nice pictures (let's face it, la comida entra por los ojos). So let's do this!


(all locations hyperlinked to learn more!)

Lung Yai Tapas: Hole-in-the-wall authentic Thai spot in Little Havana

Recommended Plate: Khao Soi Gai (pictured below, plate towards the back)

Pro - Tip: Get there 10 minutes before they open.. and make the line - its worth it.

Yardbird: Southern comfort food in South Beach.

Recommended Plate: Blue Plate Special (pictured below)

Pro - Tip: Make a reservation; there's typically a wait and the bar is rather small.

Biscayne Bay Brewery: Hidden brewery in Doral.

Recommended Plate: Lechon Grilled Cheese!!!!!

Pro - Tip: Drink. The. Beer.

Mignonette: French spot in East Edgewater.

Recommended Plate: Lobster Thermidor (pictured below)

Pro - Tip: They're got a serious raw bar.

Morgans: Midtown family-owned spot.

Recommended Plate: ...brunch...all of it.

Pro - Tip: Get there early!

Grilled Cheese Chicken & Waffles

Ichimi: Asian fusion off of Miracle Mile

Recommended Plate: Pork Belly Buns

Pro - Tip: Go on a Sunday night to end the weekend with some nice ramen.

Barley: American fare in Downtown Dadeland

Recommended Plate: Any and all meat.

Pro - Tip: It's a small joint, do it's best to go on a weekday to avoid a long wait for a table.

Doce Provisions: Cuban fusion in Little Havana

Recommended Plate: Lechon Asado Buns

Pro - Tip: Check out their shared back yard with Krave.

Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market: Asian spot in Downtown Doral

Recommended Plate: Chicken Kaarage

Pro - Tip: Brunch alert!


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