Cocoa, Almond Butter, Banana Smoothie

Last week I was craving something sweet and filling. I decided to experiment and make this fabulous cocoa, almond butter, banana smoothie. You’re drooling already, I know. As you can see in the image below, it was amazing!! I’m gonna cut right to the chase and go through all the ingredients:

  • 1 Tbsp Cocoa Powder: Raw cocoa powder is said to help reduce LDL cholesterol (the bad kind), reduce the risk of blood clots, provide calcium and potassium, increase blood flow and lower high blood pressure.

  • 1 Packet Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides: Collagen supports bone and joint health. It also helps support hair skin and nails. It is great to consume before and after exercise because it contains protein.

  • 1 Tbsp Almond Butter: Almond butter has increased healthy fat and fiber contents. Healthy fats help provide energy and reduce blood cholesterol levels. Fiber helps keep you fuller longer. Almond butter also tastes like textured heaven. You can also drizzle some more over your smoothie after you make it… and maybe spill your smoothie on the counter in the process.

  • 1 Cup Almond Milk: Almond Milk is a great lactose-free alternative to milk. If you have problems digesting lactose you may enjoy this better than completely opting for water. I personally only drink unsweetened vanilla almond milk because it is lower in calories, tastes amazing and contains vitamin C,D and iron.

  • 1 Cup Ice: I like my smoothies cold.

  • 1 Banana: Bananas taste amazing, and have plenty of potassium and carbs. They can help lower the risk of heart disease, while giving you plenty of energy for your workouts. Bananas also aid in cramp prevention while doing cardiovascular training.

  • 1 Packet Chaga Mushroom Elixir: OK, so in my picture I show the Reishi Mushroom Elixir, but I would recommend using the chaga one instead. Why? The Reishi Mushroom Elixir from Four Sigmatic is supposed to help you relax before going to bed, or during a stressful day. It doesn’t make me sleepy and I wanted to try the flavor because it has a licorice flavor (which I loved in the smoothie) so it worked for me, but the chaga mushroom has antioxidant and immune properties, which would be best if you are drinking it in the morning.

Total Calories: 334

This smoothie kept me nice and full ALL morning, through my doctor’s appointment, workout, all the way to lunch (and I get hungry every 20 minutes lol).

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