Healthy Ice Cream Treats

As anyone that loves sugar and instagram and has ~$50 in their pocket would do, I visited the Museum of Ice Cream’s Miami Installation (fibbed there slightly: my tickets were gifts, but I still love sugar and IG!). For our Miami readers, MOIC is officially sold out; stay tuned to hear if they decide to extend this highly successful activation (check updates here).

Where else will you find a tiny room with mirrors that match your purple aviator’s and lipstick? Visit a MOIC near you!

I had a great time walking through the funky building, snapping awesome shots and trying different treats. It also got me thinking about how many restrictions we give ourselves when it comes to eating ice cream. We’re lined up to take pictures in a sprinkle pit , but we wouldn’t dare shower our own ice cream with the sugar confetti - it’s sin enough that you’re eating the dairy snack.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some healthy ice cream products, recipes and substitutions to integrate to your diet:

Halo Top

We found this brand that feels like they’ve answered everyone’s ice cream prayers. They offer a huge variety of flavors - all high-protein, low-sugar, low-calories. They also offer diary-free flavors for those of you that have a complicated relationship to dairy. You can check out their variety through this hyperlink.

Dark Chocolate Frozen Bananas

This is a great treat you can keep in the freezer as little desserts! Also quick, easy and affordable.

  1. Take a couple of bananas and chop them into three pieces

  2. Dip them in melted dark chocolate (list of healthy bars linked here). The taste of dark chocolates is very strong - a little goes a long way, so keep the coating on the thin side

  3. Bonus: roll coated bananas in nuts!

  4. Lay your coated bananas on a non-stick pan and pop them in the freezer overnight

  5. Optional: poke in tooth picks into each piece before freezing to be fancy and not get messy when you devour this treat!

MOIC made a version of this...with pink nuts

Frozen Yogurt

Yes, we all know frozen yogurt is a healthy alternative to ice cream, but we’d like to encourage you to get creative! Take Le Zoe Musing’s Yogurt Parfait Popsicles (recipe here). She took a conventional breakfast snack and made it a frozen, on-the-go treat. You can adapt her recipe to any yogurt flavor you prefer. Think outside the freezer box!

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