ORIGINS Primer Review

As you’ve probably seen from our articles, the EBS team is big on skincare (pro-tip: DIY face mask). So we were pretty psyched when our pals at Influenster sent a vox box from ORIGINS. In the box was an ORIGINS Original Skin Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer with Willowherb (say that five times fast). We wanted to share an honest review of the product with our readers, so we really put this baby to the test.

The Subject: Nicolle (DC Editor) I have a fairly temperate skin type. That’s my fancy way of saying my skin reacts based on my surroundings. When I lived in Miami, my skin was typically oily. Now that I’ve moved to the DC area, my skin has been cracking and suffering from the dry, cold weather. The Test: SBLII I sought to use the primer for about a three week period, which coincided with the culmination of a huge work event, the Super Bowl. Background and shameless self-plug: I work at a marketing agency called Pinta. I flew up to Minneapolis for the game and spent about a week in weather ranging from 25 to -7 degrees Fahrenheit. If there was ever a time to really test how hydrating this primer was, the backdrop was definitely winter in Minnesota.

You’ll see to the bottom right that the Mississippi River is partialy frozen.

Pros The name in itself highlights some of the best qualities of the product. I’ll start backwards: you can definitely smell the willowherb immediately upon application. That lovely smell with the cooling sensation provided by the bottle’s aerosol model makes for a wonderful wake up call to your skin.

I will say I saw a marked difference in my skin’s hydration within a few days of using the product. I no longer peeled or cracked after I committed to applying the primer every morning. These results remained consistent even when I stepped out into negative degree weather.

In terms of skin appearance, the primer leaves a smooth finish that lends itself to be used for make-up application or as a standalone when you feel like going natural (I usually went for the latter). There’s a light tint to the primer that helped balance out some of the spots in my skin, so when I did apply make-up, I didn’t feel a need for concealer or foundation. To see for yourself, I’ve included a slideshow below of pics of my time at the Super Bowl (more self-plugging).

Cons The only real con I felt about this primer is that it does not include SPF. Most people that use make-up wouldn’t think twice about this because their other products have them covered, but for those that go au naturale, this means they have to find another product that will react well when applied before the primer. This feels counterintuitive as the product itself encourages consumers to use the primer even when not wearing make up. But Would ya Buy it Again? Yes! In my personal case, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. SPF may be a dealbreaker for some, but the overall performance of the product worked wonders for my skin.

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