One Two Cosmetics' Magnetic Lashes Review

Lashes are a thing now, like really a thing. It's the norm to have faux lashes now-a-days. If you look around, a lot of people are now dabbling into lash extensions and lifts (video below). Although I love the way these two procedures make our lashes look, I'm extremely mindful of some of the cons, inclusive of:

  • Cost - average $121-180 a lash fill, typically once a month

  • Aftercare - that awkward moment when a piece of lash falls off in a job interview

  • Potential side effects - lash lifts are rather new to the game and there's yet to be adequate research over the effects of applying certain chems to the lash, but allergic reactions are common during both procedures

Vid: This is what a lash lift is

With all that in mind, a lot of people are resorting to traditional fake lashes, but eyelash glue is truly a substance made in hell. You could literally buy the most beautiful, valuable fakes lashes, but one misstep when gluing them on will ruin your lashes.

So, when I was served an Instagram ad by One Two Cosmetics, my mind was blown. The geniuses at OTC created magnetic lashes - small magnetic plates latch on to your natural lashes, no glue necessary. Naturally, I became obsessed and needed a pair ASAP. Thankfully, my hunk of a man got a pair for my sister and I for Christmas and now we're rocking their Full Coverage Bold Set!

My beloved Full Coverage Bold Set

For this review, I thought I'd do a Q&A as this is such an innovative product and everyone I speak to has a trillion questions anyway.

Who TF is OTC?

One Two Cosmetics are an eyelash brand; they are pioneers in micro-magnetic eyelash tech.

Right, so how do they work? How do I put them on?

You literally snap them on! The box, as pictured above, outlines the position of each lash and where the magnets align. You have the option to either apply them with your own hands or use the magnetic applicator that comes with the box.

To be completely honest, applying them on the first couple of times was not the easiest thing to do - its takes practice to get to the point where you snap them on in less than a minute. But OTC is incredibly helpful when it comes to guidance. Not only do they have a whole how-to section on their site, but they also offer real-time customer support to help guide you through the application available both via phone and text.

Instructional vid: This chick is a pro

Personally, I have pretty big eyes, and fake lashes, including this one, do not cover my entire lash line. I'm left to choose whether I want a a gap on either the inner or outer eye. I usually go for a stronger inner lash and use big eyeliner to compensate for my outter lash gap. That said, I find that applying the lashes inner eye first, contrary to OTC's recommendation, is an easier application process.

And how do you take them off?

Use your fingers to slide the magnets away from each other - do not pull the lashes off!

How do they feel?

They feel just like regular fake lashes. There is no added weight to them.

Wore these lashes on the set of the TODAY Show for a live shoot. Can't think of a more appropriate time to break out these babies!

Should I apply mascara to my real lashes? What about the OTC lashes?

Mascara helps your natural lash blend into the falsies. I have been opting to use mascara on my natural lashes lately since I've attended more upscale events, but the first couple of times I used these lashes, I did not apply any mascara. It's really up to you!

As for applying mascara to the OTC lashes - I've seen make-up artists do this often. Granted they give an extra oomph to the look, but in my experience it's not necessary as the falsies themselves are already showstoppers. Also calls for less upkeep and maintenance to the lash.

How long doe these last?

I've had these lashes for almost two months now and they're still in pristine conditions. I imagine I'll have these for a while as long as I don't apply mascara to them, am extra careful when applying/removing them and keep them in their box.

Most important, what's the cost?

These beauties are on the pricier side, but make up for it in quality and customer support. Full coverage lashes range from $70 -$ 80, whereas as half lashes range from $60 - $70. At the end of the day. these are still more affordable and practical than your typical lash extension or lift.

Ok, I'm ballin' on a budget; any other brand you recommend with similar tech?

Our faves at Ardell have released their own magnetic lashes - these are available in your neighborhood convenience stores for lass than $20. The reviews for these have been positive, but given the quality, imagine they will not last as long as OTC.

Finally, leave It or need It?

NEED NEED NEED THESE. Totally in love - really was the answer to every make-up enthusiast's lash prayers!

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