Table Talk: Laura Sonn

Laura Sonn is one of the sweetest, most humble humans you will ever meet – and she just gave birth to the most perfect baby boy Walker. When she is not being the best mom/wife ever (I swear she was born to be a mom), she is working on stage or screen, perfecting her red carpet interviewing skills as a host for AfterBuzz TV, among other projects. She is a Flywheel Sports instructor who has been teaching indoor cycling since 2013 and yes, she taught class through 36 weeks pregnant and slayed. Most people probably didn’t even notice she was pregnant because she had the subtlest belly EVER. At least right up until the end – check out the pics below. Laura has been active all her life. She was a dancer and runner and has completed thirteen half marathons and two full marathons (ouch)!

We sat down with Laura to find out how she fueled her body during her pregnancy, specifically when she was working out, working and teaching so much class. And yes, in case you were wondering Laura’s bod was and is rockin’ pre- during and post-pregnancy.

Can you describe your average day during your pregnancy?

I've been so lucky that my pregnancy has been, for the most part, pretty textbook. No big complications, no major medical restrictions. My doctor was very aware from the beginning that I was a very active mama-to-be, and she gave me the green light to "listen to my body" long as it didn't hurt, she said, you're good to go. It's amazing, because your body really will tell you when you're overdoing it; you just have to pay attention. For the most part, my days pregnant looked a lot like my days not pregnant (with maybe a few more naps): Work out/teach a couple of classes in the morning, rehearse/work during the day, shows at night (I was performing in a show until about 30 weeks, and have been working red carpet events or hosting shows really through my last week of pregnancy). I hopped off the biked and stopped teaching around 36 weeks because my body was showing signs of early delivery and my doctor wanted to make sure we got to at least 37 weeks, but once we cleared that hurdle, I continued to take class, lift weights and go on long walks. I even took a Flywheel class on my due date! People thought I was nuts, but I kept saying that I would keep doing it until I couldn't. Mentally, I needed it, especially towards the end. There's so much change coming at you so fast that to do anything that felt "normal" helped me maintain a sense of identity. I think knowing your body first and foremost is key. Some days, a long walk is enough for me; some days, I crave a really intense sweat. It's about balance.

Do you follow any specific nutritional regimen/ restrictions?

I did Whole30 last year and LOVED it, so I've pretty much maintained a version of that. For those who don't know, Whole30 asks you to rid your diet of grains, legumes, sugar, alcohol and dairy for 30 days. During my pregnancy, I've allowed myself to indulge a little bit, but have definitely tried to stick to a clean diet: lots of greens, protein, and healthy fats. Sticking to what I usually do felt normal and has helped me feel my best. I did let myself have one cup of coffee a day. I think the recommendation is no more than 200mg/day, which was my saving grace during those first few months still teaching the 6am classes.

Has your pregnancy changed the way that you eat? How have you changed your meals and what have you learned throughout the process?

I think the biggest misconception for pregnant women (myself included) is the whole "eating for two" thing. Yes, you're growing a human, so naturally your body will demand more of you, but that doesn't mean you're eating for two full-grown adults. Ideally, your body needs about 500 extra calories if you're active, like me, and about 300 if you're not as active. That's, what, a slice of avocado toast, handful of almonds, and cup of extra hummus a day? That's totally different than an extra cheeseburger. Again, for me, listening to my body, feeding it when it was hungry, and sticking to what already felt "normal" made me feel my best.

Do you think you will take any of these learnings and apply them towards your post-preg nutrition?

My plan is to try to breastfeed for a while once he gets here, which, I hear, is a whole new ballgame. I'm going to see what happens with that first, because I want to make sure that my supply is stable (and nutrition is such a huge part of that) before making any adjustments.

What did you have for the following meals during your pregnancy?

Breakfast: 3-4 large egg whites, 2 slices of turkey bacon, Tropicana OJ

Lunch: Salads are my favorite. I love a big leafy Caesar with grilled shrimp or chicken, dressing on the side

Snack: Oranges! My biggest craving during my pregnancy

Dinner: Usually some sort of protein and veggie. My go-to is baked salmon and roasted shaved brussels sprouts with olive oil

Late night snack: Greek Yogurt with blueberries or raspberries with honey and walnuts. Or Ben and Jerry's Milk & Cookies ice cream, if I'm being real. ;)

Any other snacks: A handful of Hot Tamales or Extra toasty Cheez-It's...don't judge me!

How in the world did you manage your cravings? If you dont mind sharing, how many lbs have you gained?

*See above...LOL! Sometimes I didn't! Luckily my biggest craving was oranges. I wanted a big juicy navel orange literally every single day. And I also wanted some not-so-great things. I pretty much followed this rule: if was active that day, I let myself indulge a little, and if not, I tried to keep it pretty clean. Everything in moderation. I've gained about 28lbs, which is the recommended amount for my BMI (25-35 is the recommendation).

Do you stress eat? Or is there anything that triggers you to eat? How have you or do you overcome those moments?

Haha don't we all, to an extent? Yes, and I allowed myself to not be super strict. Again, I followed the guideline of moving my body first and tried to keep everything in moderation.

If you had to give people 3 tips to proper pregnancy nutrition what would they be?

1. OMG Water. Water water water. Drink lots of it, all the time. Seriously, your body will thank you. It especially helps with the last few days when feeling SOOOO swollen and will help fight that.

2. If you're someone who wants to indulge a little throughout your pregnancy (and you absolutely should!), move your body first, and indulge second.

3. Throw out the idea of "eating for two.” 300-500 extra calories a day should do it if you're already following a healthy plan.

Anything else you want to add?

Being pregnant is unlike anything else in the whole wide world. It is SUCH a magical time, and it's also gonna kick your butt at times. Ride your ride, and don't compare your journey/body expectations/baby bump to anyone else's. Cherish the moments it's just the two of you because they're so beautiful. Cry when you need to. People are going to say any and everything to you; know that it's almost always out of ignorance and comes in love. Doctors can be wrong (they told me I'd deliver around 35 weeks and as I type this, I'm 40 weeks + 3 days!)... So leave your expectations at the door. Stay off of google – call your girlfriends instead. Find a mom tribe early and let them help you! And know, even in those last few days when it feels like you can't possibly be pregnant for one more day.... they can't stay in there forever!

To join Laura's journey and to see the most amazing pics of her family, follow her on instagram at @Lauralthomastv

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