International Women's Day 2018

No, this post is not just for women. This article is for all decent human beings that believe in the golden rule. Quick kindergarten flashback here:

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

A shorter way to say this is "feminism"

As an all female writing staff, we are acutely aware of gender gaps (magnified by ethnic marginalization as we are all Latinas). Each of us champions against gender disparity in our respective fields, whether it be proving that our physical strength is not defined by our gender roles in the world of fitness to helping patients cope with the wicked consequences of those same cultural constructs through mental health and advocacy. One of the reasons we decided to start a blog was to share our own advice and personal experience through the perspective of young females trying to make it "big" in very different cities. Although the uphill battle for gender equality never stops (like, literally never stops - that glass ceiling is actually steel), we at EBS encourage you to celebrate International Women's Day as a way to re-inspire you to continue fighting the good fight!

Let's start by putting some fire under your arse: the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report reads that it will take 200 years to reach gender parity. When we push for the advancement of all people based on merit, we really are making a better future...mathematically speaking.

Ok, less terror: With two centuries to go, this year's IWD campaign theme is #PressForProgress - the idea that if each individual promoted, enabled, practiced gender parity, we'd make true progress faster. This is how the EBS team Pushes for Progress:

Challenge stereotypes and bias - get to learn about all our correspondents and their day jobs here! Personally, I work in marketing; you can see a dramatization of the gender gap I am maneuvering through the show Mad Men.

Supportively call-out inappropriate behavior - our Miami correspondent Jazzy has written wonderful pieces for readers to identify toxic behaviors and address them head-on. Check out her weekly advice in our "Breathe" section.

Buy from retailers that position women in a positive way - we take this into account in everything we promote and just generally do. I've come to the point that I'm double-checking the musicians I listen to because I don't even want the fraction of the pennies earned in a Spotify stream to support them.

Celebrate women's achievements - we use food as an excuse to spotlight women killing it through our "Table Talks!" Check out our more recent interviews under our "Eat" section.

We highly encourage you to check out their website to learn more ways to Press for Progress and immediately impact those around you.

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