Who's That Girl Mandy?

Who’s that girl?

Hey everyone! I’m Mandy Aracena and I’m the latest gal to join the group of #GirlBosses at Eat, Breathe, Sweat. Camila, Yasamin, and Nicolle do such a great job covering all of your food, mental health, and fitness needs so I’m sure you’re wondering who I am and what I’ll be contributing to this team so without further ado--let’s get to it.

“Where are you from?” that has to be the hardest question for me. I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Dominican Republic but moved to the New York when I was about 10 years old. Since then I’ve moved to places like Miami, Washington D.C., London, and back to New York so I guess you can say I’m a nomad of sorts or just a girl chasing her dreams. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been fascinated with storytelling, specifically, the telling the stories of those silenced by their government, socioeconomic status and war. This led me to study telecommunications and political science at the University of Florida, where I earned my Bachelor’s degree. I currently work in production at the CBS News headquarters in New York City. I enjoy nothing more than talking about current events, impoverished countries, and politics. With that said, anyone who knows me can tell you that though my life is constantly inundated by news, it is not singular; I have another passion—fashion.

For me, fashion is another source of storytelling, almost like an autobiography of sorts. It allows you to convey your own story, mood, beliefs. In a world full of hard news, my outfits allow me to elevate my creativity. I’m a believer that not all clothes have to be designer and that often the best gets are found in an unexpected sale or in nook of a thrift store in Brooklyn. My style is different every day but every outfit must be two things: comfortable and chic.

So why did I join EatBreatheSweat? It’s simple, there’s something for every woman no matter what your interest is. To stick to a blog that's strictly fashion or street style doesn’t make sense to me because women are complex. Here at Eat, Breathe, Sweat you can find all your #inspo needs. I’ll be sharing all the latest trends, classic styles, and you can also join me as I cover unique events across NYC. I’m so excited to start this new chapter with this amazing team and all of you!

For more about my life be sure to follow me on the gram at @MandyAracena

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