Caudalie Radiance Serum & Moisturizing Sorbet Cream Review

We all go to Sephora and get little makeup samples right? I always tend to use them for a minute and then I completely forget about the fact that I even have them. They accumulate in my medicine cabinet until its too late – they are expired or they’ve forever been lost to the depths of what is my product collection. That is, unless they are able to catch my attention within the first use.

I got the Caudalie Radiance Serum and Moisturizing Sorbet Cream last time I was in and I have a few things to say about it. I’m introducing an EBS rating tool so that I can be sure to rate different beauty products for you and so you can use it as a tool.

EBS Rating: 8/10 (this rating is for the combo).

Why it caught my attention:

I suffer from breakouts on the regular, mainly because I work out so often. For that reason I’d probably say that I have pretty sensitive skin. There are certain serums that seem to aggravate my breakout problem, and there are some that have no effect. This combo seems to soothe my face and reduce the amount of exercise-related breakouts that I have. When I first tried it and it made my face better rather than worse, I decided to give it another shot.

Things I love:

It’s extremely lightweight – I hate putting on a moisturizer and feeling like my face is wet. Maybe it’s all the years of living in South Florida that made moisture generally less appealing to me. Anyway, the serum leaves your skin very soft, but not moisturized. The moisturizer makes your skin feel hydrated without making it feel wet – perfect combo.

Makes my skin really smooth – After just two days of using the combo, I noticed a difference on my exercise-related breakouts. I think that’s because this is made for sensitive skin, it soothes rather than uses harsher chemicals. It feels like a hug on my face.

Lightened my skin a bit – I have freckles and am always trying to stay away from the sun. I love my freckles but I do like to be conscious of other dark spots forming for health reasons and because I like when my freckles are the main focus. After using this for over two weeks, I’ve seen a decrease in the dark spots on my face and a certain purity to it. I can dig it.

Things to consider:

Price point – in a world where everyone is over-charging for beauty products, you could say these are not the most affordable but not necessarily ridiculously priced. The moisturizer is $39.00 for a 40ml bottle (pretty small), and the radiance serum is $79.00 for 30ml. I’m not sure if the overall benefits of the serum are enough to pay $79 per bottle but I’d consider it. I’ve also had better results from other products at that price point.

The moisturizer has a weird texture -- I think that’s because it has like an added bounce to it. So I can’t really be mad at it. The moisturizer came out of the bottle with a cottage-cheesy texture… is that normal? Who knows.

It smells like sorbet cream – not my favorite scent but it doesn’t last on your face so it’s not enough to sway me away from it

I could be swayed into buying the radiance serum again because I feel like most of the benefits came from that, but I would probably continue experimenting with different moisturizers to see if it really contributed to these benefits or if it just hydrates.

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