Table Talk: Danielle Margherite

If you follow me (which you should - link here) or our NYC correspondent's Instagram (follow here!), it's no secret that we totally love DMargherite Photography. Photographer Danielle Margherite not only has a keen eye for color and aesthetic, but is a boss making a career out of her innate talent. She's also our WCW for looking like a mermaid, rocking a bikini bod, soaking in the sun when she's not behind the lens. We needed to learn about her secret sauce, so we just had to do a table talk! We delve into her small business, how she stays grounded and nutritional regiment.

1. In one sentence, tell us who you are and what you do.

I'm Danielle Margherite, a full-time lifestyle, fashion, and wedding photographer that loves her job and everything that comes with it. I'm all about meeting new people, exploring, creating, and capturing the most meaningful milestones in your life.

2. What do you typically shoot? What do you love shooting?

I typically shoot fashion, lifestyle, and weddings. But I have my maternity, newborn, events, etc in between. I'm kind of a chameleon when it comes to photography. I love a challenge! But I've got to say my favorite thing to shoot is swimsuit-styled shoots. Can you tell I'm a Miami girl?

3. Your best tips for taking a good picture

  • Have CONFIDENCE in what you are doing! You don't need super expensive gear to get a jaw dropping image - simplicity is key

  • Don't be afraid to experiment and go with the flow

  • Always make your subject feel comfortable - crack a really corny joke here and there

4. At what level are you at now business-wise and where do you want to take it?

Right now, I've got to say that I've got it pretty together for having a two year old business. I have returning clients and what I like to call "forever families:" I start with their engagement photos and then all the way to their family photos! I really do love capturing the milestones of peoples' lives. I definitely want to take it to the level that I have the opportunity to travel and conduct workshops. I am self taught, so I know that ANY help to me is amazing, and I'd like to offer that to others. I will actually be furthering my education this October and attending an all-women's photography workshop in Sedona, Arizona with my idol photographer, India Earl. She's a boss babe and I cannot wait to leave this workshop feeling super extra!

5. You've come a long way; any business advice you want to share?

Oh boy, I can totally write a novel about this! I honestly think owning a business taught me more about the real deal versus college. If I had to say the most important advice I've held onto, it would be to ALWAYS stay true to your craft (fads come and go), have everything in writing, always speak in a professional matter, and keep making goals for your business (no matter how big or small they may be).

6. You're one of the calmest, nicest people I've met. That's so rare to find in Miami - seriously believe that the heat and humidity seep into some people and drive them mad. What daily practices do you instill to keep you at ease? Yoga, meditation, eating sweets, etc.

Oh man, that totally cracked me up! So the craziness of Miami has it's way to taking a toll on me, but I've worked on a rhythm to keep my creativity, mental health and physical health in balance. My favorite cure for the uneasy mind is literally laying out under a palm tree at Crandon Beach. It. Is. The. Best. Just me, some John Mayer, my favorite bikini, lots of water, and palm tree shade. It allows me to reflect and be grateful for everything I have. I use it as a pause button. I sometimes even bring my journal with me because the ocean air and salty breeze always tends to spark my creativity (must be the mermaid in me).

7. You are always on the run - at a wedding, beach, jungle - with your beloved jeep! Can you give me a quick snapshot of what your weekly exercise regimen looks like? Just so people can know what you fuel your body for.

My Jeep has been my baby since 2011 and has allowed me to shoot in the oddest places (off roading FTW). My beloved Jeep is name Little Miss Nemo because it's orange and has a floppy door (fin) like Nemo!

To add on, I love HIIT workouts a lot because it targets almost all the muscle groups in my body without using any heavy weights. It tones the body nicely, keeps me feeling energize, and allows me to do cardio and muscle building at the same time. When it comes to physical health, I workout Monday-Friday using the Body Boss Method - it focuses on HIIT based workout. I love it because it doesn't take more than 45min, you don't need a gym membership (saving that cash money!), and it allows you to keep on burning calories even AFTER you're done working out...for 36 hours. Yes, this is the poor girl's version of Orange Theory! Ballin' on a budget.

Real image of mermaid Danielle

8. What does your diet usually consist of? Do you follow any nutritional restrictions?

I have a very sensitive stomach, so I stay away from "heavy" and spicy foods. I grew up in a healthy-conscious home, so even if I have to spend an extra buck or two, I love keeping it organic. My body feels the difference!

I use Glow Meals (@glowmeals) for my nutritional intake - I get my lunch & dinner delivered to me within the week. It's organic and everything is portioned by the owner and trainer, Victoria Saavedra. But let's face it, I'm human, and God made Sunday's for cheat days. And, boy, do I love my Oreo Blizzards!

9. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - do you eat all three? If so, what is a typical meal for each?

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between! I hate that extreme hunger feeling (feeding ground for heartburn too, ugh!). Yes, I am a coffee addict, so I have to start my day sometimes with a cup of joe, a smoothie, or an egg sandwich. If I don't have a hearty breakfast, I will surely be cranky that morning.

For snacks, I love to munch on raw cashews/walnuts with cranberries, or a greek yogurt sprinkled with honey and a handful of fresh berries. For lunch, my meal prep usually includes lean ground beef alongside a veggie...and sometimes a healthy carb! And for dinner, it is pretty much the same as lunch. I try my best to eat dinner before it hits 8pm, so usually right after the gym.

10. Do you snack? How do you aim to control portions during this meal? Do you even have a snack or do you have multiple balanced meals?

Snacking is a MUST! Especially with my job, I am driving in my car or stuck at the beach. I always have my nuts and dried fruits/berries at hand. And the most important snack for me is water, all day err' day!!! I like to have my so called "snack" in the size of a cup in between my three major meals. But let's be honest - when I'm stressed out and had a long day, I whip out the gummi bears or jordan almonds (no shame).

11. Alcohol - what are your views on it? How often do you feel one can consume before it starts affecting them?

Alcohol is not my friend due to my stomach sensitivity. Kind of feels like lava when I drink too much. But my favorite social drink has to be a bubbly Mojito - refreshing and tasty. If you want to keep healthy, you should keep alcohol at a minimum - and I believe this applies to both mental and physical health. With my job, I have to wake up early on the weekends and my aim is to be 100% focused mentally (and my photos, too!). So I am not a fan of heavy drinking!

12. Do you have any tips for people trying to maintain a specific nutritional regimen? What tips or tricks do you use on yourself?

I can not stress this enough - GOALS! Personally, whenever I slack on a fitness or physique goals, Netflix and mountains of Oreo Blizzards become my priority. Not good at all. I am a firm believer that you are what you eat. So if whatever you are consuming doesn't leave you feeling light and energetic, trash it!

13. Any favorite recipes? Feel free to include this within your questions.

Apparently, I have many fans of my overnight oats! It's the simplest and most nutritious breakfast I have made. Here is my favorite overnight oats recipe. ALSO!!! I throw Chia seeds on EVERYTHING :D

Recipe linked here!

14. Why are you so amazing? :B

Because you have graced my life with your friendship <3

15. Where can our readers reach you to book a shoot?!

IG: @DMargherite

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