Be as Organized as Disney

I recently took a weekend vacation to Disney (Animal Kingdom and Epcot) and was stunned by the excellence in organization. My adult genes are really starting to develop, because it wasn’t the magical and whimsical atmosphere that caught my attention, no. It was the insanely efficient parking staff and their new effortless technology (the tap and go wristbands) that blew my mind. I’m not sure if you ever had a Disney experience where you were walking half a mile across the park to grab a paper fast-pass ticket for a ride to realize that you’d have to walk all the way back in one hour to actually go on. Not anymore! Once you buy your ticket, you can use an app to select rides which automatically links to a wristband that you can quickly scan and breeze right through without pulling out a paper ticket or a barcode on your phone. I can go on and on. It was at the end of the day when I left the park, that I could not help but think about how to get my life as organized as Disney.

It sounds insane to think that my life can operate like a well-known company that’s been around since the 70s, but I can make some connections. Here are some thoughts I had that could be helpful in our daily struggle of staying organized:

  1. Create a system that works

There’s no doubt in my mind that everyone needs a method to the madness. Good ideas, talent, and hard work don’t flourish without a “system.” And, a system doesn’t just happen overnight. A lot of trial and error in perfecting your flow is bound to happen before you get it right. Our tendency is to push on and work harder at whatever feels like a mess, instead of slowing down to figure out what’s not working well. Working harder is not the cure for being efficient. Understand your own rhythm and create your own system.

  1. Being organized makes the fun even better

Amongst all the Disney efficiency, you got Mickey walking around giving high-fives and random street festivals. I think the point of this is that people will actually enjoy their experience and have more fun when they don’t feel completely out of control, which is what disorganization feels like. That’s true about our lives too. It’s kind of difficult to enjoy a dinner with best friends when you have a mind full of things you have to get done.

  1. It takes a village

The amount of employees at each station in Disney seemed excessive, but actually, every person was needed. I think I can remember about 7 employees helping me park my car from when I first drove onto the complex till when I turned the car off. People are necessary, even more, a team is necessary. Accomplishing something significant takes an entire team of people who share the same passion and are willing to put in the work.

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