The New Snack Guide

Snacks -- if you're like me, you can't live without them. With all these emerging snack brands, different flavors and nutritional landscapes, it's really hard to make a choice nowadays. Gluten free, paleo, keto, vegan, dairy free, low sugar, low fat, low sodium... what the hell CAN we eat?! I want to start this post by telling you that I absolutely do not recommend any specific form of dieting, and I do believe in balance as being key in promoting healthy lifestyle changes long-term. So yes, I think you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight. You can thank my cousin @nutricion.salud.arg for making me see the light.

So, this post will go into brands/flavors that were just launched in 2018 (or very close to), and we will talk about why I liked or didn't like them, and when I would consume them.

R.E.D.D. PEANUT BUTTER ENERGY BAR -- Best for hiking or pre-workout:

This bar is actually bomb. It has a perfect texture (in my eyes), with just the right amount of crunchiness and a soft and smooth peanut buttery finish. In terms of texture, I would say it is a mix between a Perfect Bar and a Cliff Bar. At 230 calories, this bar is definitely filling, satisfying and it tastes very, very amazing. It has 10g of fat, 29g of carbs and 10g of protein. I would probably consume this before my workout so that the carbs are put to good use during my training.. I think they called it an energy bar because of it's high carb content and because it has superfoods in it, including Yerba Mate which has caffeine, chia seeds, maca and more. I personally like to consume my caffeine not in my protein bars... but hey, I think this would probably be good if i'm on a long hike and get to the top of the mountain and find my energy quickly depleting.


Take your pick. Youtopia snacks did an amazing job in curating snacks for every craving. I was actually able to try all the flavors because I got a variety pack. The Coco Gone a Lil Loco, and Espresso Obsesso flavors are great if you are having a sweet tooth because they have real cocoa or espresso beans! If you've tried the Synders Pretzels in Honey Mustard flavor and are as obsessed as I am with them, then you will absolutely LOVE the So Money Honey Mustard Flavor they taste so similar and are just as satisfying. The Honey Bee-B-Q is also a tangy flavor. They are just all so yummy! With only 130 calories per pack, they are all under 7g of fat, all over 7g of protein and all have from 12-20g of carbs, this makes them a perfect snack for just about any time. If you are not exercising so much, you won't have to worry about the caloric content and if you are training more, you can just spill these puppies over a greek yogurt or eat them along side a protein shake, etc. The amazing thing about this snack is that they are individually packaged. If I love a food and I am sitting, working at my desk and I do not ration the portion, chances are that I will keep munchin' and munchin.' With these babies, you won't have to worry about that. I may even go a bit further and say this is the best emerging snack of 2018 we've tried so far!


If you don't like beets you will hate these chips because they taste like straight up beets. But the crunchy, chip-like version of them. I love beets so I loved this snack. I love that this food has three ingredients: beets, sunflower oil and sea salt.. Can we say WIN? Also the entire bag (and it's a pretty generous size) is only 130 calories. I can dig it. This has 4g of fat, 20g of carbs and 3g of protein. I could honestly eat these anytime. If you are worried about the amount of carbs it has, don't. You should be consuming more carbs than you probably are anyway. I also picked the sea salt one and although it was salty, I loved it. My body has been begging me for sodium since i've been sweating so much lately..

PRIMAL KITCHEN COCONUT CASHEW COLLAGEN BAR - Best if you don't care about flavor... or texture:

I'm going to start this off by saying that I am not a picky eater and that I actually can eat most things that taste "healthy." But I would only eat these bars if there was nothing left in the house, I was in a huge hurry and wouldn't have time to stop anywhere else for a snack. I was a little disappointed because I love almost all the primal kitchen stuff, including the vanilla coconut collagen powder (SOOOOOOO BOMB!!!!), but this was very disappointing. They are very hard to chew and get stuck to your teeth and the taste is overall extremely bland. The bar runs at 220 calories, has 14g of fat, 15g of carbs and 15 g of protein. If you need some added protein and want to go for the collagen peptides, go for it, but I know there are more satisfying snacks out there.. maybe not with the same nutritional properties, but I would personally prefer to have a 220 calorie cookie or vegan donut from whole foods and kill my craving than eat this bar and still end up wanting a cookie after.


There are a few things that I love about this snack. 1. It's spicy AF. I kinda wish I would have tried the original flavor or one that was mild instead because i can only take so much spicy but I do love it during the time that i can actually take it. The fact that they are so spicy kinda does the portion control aspect for you! 2. It tastes goooooooood! My husband loved them! (He loves spicy food). 3. The ingredient list looks amazing. Pumpkin Seeds and spices -- that's it. These babies have 150 calories per serving (1/4 cup), which is pretty standard for nuts, 13g of fat, 3g of carbs and 8g of protein. They are a great source of healthy fats, but to be completely honest, I prefer to consume my fats in the form of guac of peanut butter -- not sorry.

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