Tips for Dapper Day at Disney

Since 2011, Dapper Day has been bringing a stylish flair to Disney, evoking even more awe and wonder to the most magical place on earth. Dapper Day is a time when Disney guests are encouraged to dress up in their best sophisticated attire, from vintage-inspired classics to chic, modern designs. If you’re not a big Disney fan like myself, you could go your entire life without knowing that this even existed, probably because the event is not associated with The Walt Disney Company. However, now that you do know about it, I promise that you do not want to miss out! Walking down the classic Main Street in Magic Kingdom in my 40s inspired lime green polka-dot dress and taking vintage-inspired pics along the rows of streetlamps was beyond fun. Here are my tips for making your next Dapper Day the best time ever:

Don’t Stress the Outfit

It’s not a costume contest! Dapper Day is meant to be an opportunity to feature your own style. Some guests are inspired by Disney movies and incorporate elements into their outfit that features their favorite movie or Disney character. Due to 1950’s setting of Disneyland, the most popular style is mid-century-inspired ensembles, imitating the attire that guests wore when visiting Disneyland in the 50s and 60s. I wanted to look cute on a budget, so I headed to my local Goodwill and found my dress for only $8! I paired my dress with items I already had in my closet, and voila, an inexpensive yet adorable Dapper Day outfit!

Wear Comfortable Shoes

I cannot emphasize this enough. Besides looking fabulous in an incredible outfit, you’re also running around Disney trying to make it on time to a ride before your fast-pass expires! I decided to wear wedges that I knew beforehand were comfortable and I brought a pair of flip-flops in my purse. Best decision ever.

Stay Updated With All the Events

The organizers of Dapper Day make it really easy to follow along! They have a website that posts photos, answers FAQs, and lists all of the upcoming event dates. They even host a Dapper Day Expo that celebrates stylish living where you can experience the vintage and contemporary clothing, accessories, beauty products and more! Dapper Day Website You can also follow them on Instagram!

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