Stretches You Should be Doing After Every Workout

As an avid gym-goer, personal trainer and creator of the Lean and Strong Training Guide, people ask me on the regular what stretches I recommend for pre- and post- workout. I believe in static stretching post-workout and foam rolling as well as active stretching pre- workout, although you can never really foam roll too much.

Check out this video for a full follow-along static stretch video, or check out the still images below. This targets common overactive muscles for the general public.

  • Hip Flexor Stretch: Tight hip flexors can lead to a forward tilt of your pelvis which will impact your postural alignment and cause lumbar pain as well as other complications while training including forward lean, and a lower back arch.

  • Hamstring Stretch: Similarly to the hip flexors, tight hamstrings can cause postural alignments and lead to back pain because of a posterior tilt, or flat back.

  • Calf Stretch: Tight calves are among the most common in the general population. This can lead to many postural issues including knees caving in, feet turning out, excessive forward lean, and much more which can lead to many issues while exercising.

  • Chest Stretch: Most of us work on a computer so we are hunched over all day. This means that our chest becomes overactive which leads to upper back issues, postural issues and that “hunched” look among other back issues.

  • Shoulder/Triceps Stretch: During my training program, we incorporate a lot of tricep and shoulder work so although these are not too commonly overactive it is always good to stretch to improve range of motion.

  • Lat Stretch: Tight lats can drastically reduce the range of motion in your arms and can really limit your training and induce improper form.

  • Back Stretch: This targets the mid back leading into the lats so it supports what is stated above about lat stretches.

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