Andy, The Fifth.

Who am I?

I am many things. First of all, I'm Andrea Salini (or Andy), 26, born in Peru and raised in Miami ... and yes, I am aware nothing about my physical appearance looks "Peruvian." Ya no me jodan con eso. Fluent in Spanish (clearly) and in Miami's most popular language, Spanglish. Pero like, you know? But WHO is Andrea Salini? There are many answers to that question, perhaps too many. Dancer, fitness & health enthusiast, aerialist, business owner and if I didn't already have enough to work with, I recently (3 months ago to be exact) added a new title .. mama. Saved the best for last, duh. I guess this is an appropriate time to introduce the love of my life ...

Sophia (and my horrible mani).

Motherhood is probably the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced, but I'm not going to lie, it's not all unicorns and flowers like we see on the gram. Mothers with 500k being sponsored by huge companies, matching mommy and me outfits, looking hot as hell like they sleep 8 hrs a night and working from home living the good life. Mom life isn't as hard as people make it out to be... it's harder. A LOT harder. Think of what you assume it's like and multiply that by 10. Pregnancy is the easy part.... mama's feel me.

*A little side note for you guys.. I'm writing this at almost 6am while feeding Sophie and I went to bed a little before 3. The max hours of consecutive sleep I've had since February? 4.. if I'm lucky. How I'm surviving is beyond me but that's motherhood. We adapt, we're powerful, we make s*** happen.

While all of this IS possible, its takes a lot of time, patience, acceptance and dedication. I learned that the hard way. I was 3 weeks postpartum looking at myself in the mirror thinking "Why don't my pants fit me already? When is my belly going to go away? Why is one boob bigger than the other?" And the most draining thought of all, "What in the hell am I going to work as now?" The reality is that I was strictly performing for a while before bae came along, then I picked up some temporary waitress jobs while my pregnancy progressed just for income. I didn't plan on going back to that.. and now I found myself as lost as ever. Mix all those emotions with lack of sleep and you've got yourself a recipe for disaster. It was pretty easy to spiral down into whats called "postpartum depression". Its a real thing, and its scary as F.

How did I get over this you ask? I didn't. I'm working on it every day and setting tiny goals that I can work on weekly. The grey cloud is still there some days, but most days are nice, sunny and ALWAYS full of Sophie love. When you're watching a little human grow, learn and depend on you for literally life itself ... things just go away. That tiny smile is what you're living for. The milestones, the giggles, the little button nose , even the nasty diapers...WORTH. IT. It took me a while to realize what I had experienced was the most selfless and natural thing any woman can go through, and that's OKAY. We're not all programmed the same, we will all find the true meaning of motherhood in our own ways and on our own time. While this is still a work in progress, I've vouched to live in this present moment by a few simple guidelines: Explore new (and old) passions, stick to what I love, be a part of what I believe in and trust the process along the way.

So now the real question, Why am I here? Why did I join the gals at EBS? I'm exploring my writing passion. It's always been there, but throughout recent years and DM's filled with fitness/nutrition questions from friends, I realized that my essay-like responses had to mean something. I clearly have a passion for expressing. From writing, exercising, creating costumes, dancing .. you name it, I've done it! I'm here to share with you my experiences in the health & fitness industry from a new mama's perspective. Most importantly, I'm here to let you guys know you are never, ever alone. Mom or not, creating a healthy routine is not easy. Whether you've fallen off for a while or are just getting started. Look out for more posts on fitness, health, postpartum and more! Cheers to new friends *beer mugs emoji*.



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