Baby Registry Checklist: The Real Deal

So you're what? Once you get past the overflow of emotions and morning sickness, the real fun part begins. AKA your very first baby shower, and probably the most important one! Did you know after your first shower you have what they call a "sprinkle"? I had no idea, but it makes total sense. Most of what you will use with your first baby will be stored away for the next, if you're smart. No point in buying a different stroller, bassinet and swing for each baby because let's be real, you're going to be needing all that money for diapers. Anyway, the sprinkle is to provide smaller items that are essential but more than likely can't be stored for the next, like diapers (ew.) With that being said, choose your baby registry items wisely. I'm pretty sure I read about 30 articles before creating mine and when I found a listed format, I was the happiest. So here I am to provide one for my fellow mama's to be. 

First things first, know your crowd. Whether you have 20 guests or 100, you want to make sure the prices of your items are reasonable. Yes, it's true that people will spend when it comes to special occasions, but my reason is the following. If you have a $100 diaper bag on your registry, chances are someone will buy you that... and only that, as opposed to a half priced bag that's just as good that can be paired with another small item. I'm not saying quantity over quality, I'm just saying some baby items are so unnecessarily overpriced and it's just not worth it. Now, when it comes to car seats, strollers, cribs etc, you might want to forget the price and make sure you're choosing something dependable, safe and credible. Your child's safety is 100% worth spending over. Of course, this is a personal choice. If you (or your parents) have rich friends that splurge, well then. In my case, I wanted to make sure my friends and family felt comfortable rather than stressed about baby shower gifts. I was lucky enough to be gifted almost every single item on my registry and it's no coincidence that a lot of the items were bundled together ... My theory must be correct. Shall we begin? 

Baby Registry DON'Ts 

- Baby clothes. It's not that you don't need them, but this is the easiest spoiling gift for Grandmas, Tias, BFF's, coworkers etc, and you will get a TON. Not to mention hand-me-downs from mama friends! You should know, they will grow out of clothes incredibly fast so don't go too crazy. If you are gifted way too much of one size, exchange for 9 months+. You'll be upset when you realize your little bean just outgrew unworn outfits. 

- Blankets. Same reason as clothes. 

- Wipe warmer. While this may help temporarily, you're essentially adding more work to yourself when your baby can't stand the feeling of a cool wipe in public because you spoiled her at home. They will survive without this. 

- Bottle warmer. You must think I'm cruel for this one, but trust me when I say a hot water mug will work the same. Stick the bottle in it for a few minutes and VOILA. Also, it took some time, but little Soph got used to drinking cool milk and actually enjoyed it! Trust me, you don't need to be adding anymore work on yourself. It's not mean & it's also great for when they start teething! Cool bottle nipples can be soothing. 

Baby Registry DO's

Self care

- Diapers (all sizes, different brands to test. So far Huggies have been my favorite and BJ's brand) 

* Fun tip for diaper budgeting: Use the best & probably pricier diapers throughout the night, while using off brand/cheaper ones that are still decent during the day when you can change diapers asap. 

- Wipes (different brands to test. No fragrance & as natural as possible)

- Diaper rash cream

- Natural baby shampoo and wash 

- Baby bathtub 

- Washcloths 

- Cute hooded towels 

- Soft bristle hairbrush & comb 

- Baby nail clippers, nail file, and scissors 

- Finger toothbrush 

- Natural baby lotion 

- Burp cloths (A LOT). I have about 15 and find myself running out of clean ones pretty fast...

- Potty (won't use till way later but it's good to have and not worry about it) 


- Bath toys 

- Teething toys 

- Car seat toys 

- Play gym 

- Rattle socks ( these are so cute when they finally discover their feet!) 

- Foam floor puzzle squares 

- Munch mitts! 

- Textured books

Main Items 

- Baby stroller (convertible and with car seat attachment) 

- Cradle swing or Rock and Play

- Pack and Play (Can be used as a bassinet while baby is small and should be near you when sleeping) 

- Pack and Play sheets (quilted sheets are great) 

- Or a bassinet (we were luckily gifted the Halo bassinet and it was great, although very pricey) 

- Toddler car seat 

- Infant car seat (if your stroller doesn't already bring one, but most do nowadays) 

- Crib (convertible to full bed)

- Crib mattress

- Crib sheets 

- Changing table (if your pack and play doesn't bring an attachment already) 

- Changing table mattress 

- Changing table mattress cover

- Boppy lounger 

- High chair 

- Baby carrier or wrap (one for mama and one for papa!) 

-  Jumper

- Walker

- Mosquito stroller net 

- Baby fan (sooo important if you live in hot areas) 

- Diaper bag with portable changing pad 

- Diaper pail (we've been fine without one by using small scent reducing bags to throw diapers away..great alternative when you're tight on space!)

Nursing and Feeding 

- Baby bottles (Dr. Browns have been great but do your research) 

- Pacifiers 

- Bottle sterilizer 

- Bottle drying rack 

- Bottle brushes 

- Breast pump 

- Breastmilk freezer bags 

- Hands free pumping bra (didn't buy this until 3 months postpartum and let me tell you... game changer) 

- Nipple ointment (you'll probably get some of this at the hospital) 

- Breast pads 

- Nursing bras 

- Postpartum undies (make sure they're as close to granny panties as possible) 

- Nursing cover

- Nursing tops 

- Comfy nursing sleepwear 

- Breast pump wipes 

- Baby suction bowls 

- Baby spoons

- Sippy cups 

- Bibs 

- Breastfeeding pillow (I used My Breastfriend when Sophie was really small but stopped using one altogether once she was big enough to sit comfortable on my lap and reach my boob... up to you!)

Health & Care

- Infant Tylenol

- Nose Frida (look it up and don't be disgusted... this works WONDERS when baby is too small to blow their own nose. We used this a ton when Sophie was a newborn. They are naturally congested after birth from all the fluids!) 

- Infant saline nasal drops (must have in order to use the Nose Frida)

- Baby thermometer 

- Gas relief drops 

Items I don't Know How to Categorize 

- Mitts (very important for newborns ... at least 5-6 pairs)

- Pacifier clips

- Wearable blankets and Velcro swaddles 

- Car seat cover

- Portable booster/eating chair (great for trips to grandmas) 

- Baby camera/monitor 

- Really cute hair accessories for girls and cute suspenders for boys 

That about sums it up! I'm pretty sure I forgot a few things but this should definitely help guide you towards the light. I've gone ahead and updated my baby registry so you can have a visual of what I listed. Click here to see my Amazon registry (because I was lazy and online shopping is life). Good luck, Mama's! Find me on the gram @andrea__salini and shoot me a DM if you have any questions. 


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