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I don’t know about you but podcasts get me HYPE. It obviously depends on the type of mood that I am in but the amazing thing about podcasts is that there is something out there for everyone. I like to listen to a quick news podcast first think in the morning – unless it’s a very sad time politically then I’ll wait until after I have a workout in me so it affects me less – sensitive sally here. While I lift weights I also loooove me an engaging or inspiring conversation. Yes, even when I’m doing HIIT training. I listen to very loud and intense music like three hours a day at Flywheel so I like to give my ears some time to chill when I can.

Here are my 3 favorite podcasts – in no specific order:

The Daily – NY Times

It gives me what I need to know in the quickest time possible (around 20 minutes). I love this podcast cause it talks about current news or current “controversial” topics you need to know about from a very objective view. It also has a “here’s what else you need to know today” section where it covers some main news items for the day.

You would need to know a bit more about these events than how in depth this pod goes but it’s a great way to stay in the know about what is happening in the U.S. in 20 minutes.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Every time that I listen to this podcast I have an amazing takeaway that I want to share. Oprah has influential speakers of all different types covering all sorts of topics, but all coming back to the same overarching feeling – making your soul feel either more full or awakened. From tips on how to find true happiness, to mindful eating, to how to overcome loss. Just listen to a few topics that catch your eye and you’ll understand.

Wait, Hold Up!

Yarel Ramos and Jessica Molina are so fun, vibrant and educated that you just have to love this podcast. They cover all things #realtalk, pop culture and politics. They have special guests come in and talk about their lives, struggles, challenges, and triumphs, as well as sometimes just talking with themselves about their lives… like why they are not married and more. You feel like you are chatting it up with your girl friends. It also helps that they are both Latinas! #Latinogang.

Honorable mentions:

The Stacks

So this is a books podcast where Traci Thomas invites a special guest over. The first week they cover all things reading and some general interest topics depending on the guest she has over. Since I don’t read often (only reason why this is not in my favs), the first portion of the pod is my favorite part because I get to learn a little more about what motivates others to read. I would like to add that I finished a book and I would like to thank Traci for motivating me to do it. During the first week they also assign a book and discuss it during the second podcast. If I know that I am not going to read it, I will go ahead and listen because I feel like I am learning things regardless. I prefer listening to an interesting conversation in my car ride home than the music I play in class all day. And this is definitely both interesting and productive.

The GaryVee Audio Experience

If you’re looking to get motivated to get off your ass and start creating content, this is the guy you need to listen to. He gives great tips as to how you should work on creating so you don’t waste as much time. I’ve personally implemented a lot of the things that he has mentioned and it has helped. It does get preachy and there is overly emotional motivational music that they add at times so you have to be in the mood – it depends on the conversation.


This show is cool AF because the hosts cover topics that you probably would never think about looking into. "Invisibilia" means latin for invisible things. They use narrative storytelling and science to explain really complex topics -- like "the secret history of thoughts."

Joe Rogan Podcast

I don’t love everything about this podcast but my husband really likes to listen to it and I must say that I’ve listened to a few episodes that he has recommended to me that I’ve enjoyed - like the one with David Goggins (crazy ass ultra athlete). I wouldn’t take everything that you listen on here too seriously, but as long as you do your research on the person he is interviewing then you should be good. He does a good job at calling people out when they are bullshitting.

I also thought it would be cool for me to ask the Eat, Breathe, Sweat ladies what their favorite podcast was and include them. Here it goes!

Nikki’s Favorites:

Goal Digger Podcast

Nikki says that this pod is her fav because the host offers insights for small businesses and startups. Although the conversation is geared a little more towards photography, her tips can be applied to various industries. She also provides resources beyond the podcast, including a blog, webinars, classes – most of which are free 99!

Reply All

This pod is more investigative journalism that brings out Nikki’s “geeky” side (and she obviously loves it). It focuses on the Internet and social media phenomenon. They’ll be the ones to investigate why you said you wanted some product out loud and never searched for it, but somehow Instagram ends up serving you an ad for it. The are also short and to the point which is great!

Mandy’s Favorites:

This American Life

Mandy says that she gets bored of hearing about the same topics over and over again. This pod offers variety while still providing in-depth storytelling. Every week they choose a theme. It was created in 1995 so it’s a pretty popular show. They often tell complex stories in the simplest ways.

2 Dope Queens

This podcast provides you with the two best friends you never knew you needed. They keep it real 100 percent of the time. They talk about sex, relationships, race issues, natural hair, journeys – you name it. You’re guaranteed to laugh and and smile when you hear any episode from how relatable they are. All the guests are amazing.

Jazzy’s Favorite:

The Tim Ferriss Show

Jazzy loves this podcast because the host brings in different experts to cover a wide range of topics focused on the business aspect. You get to learn a lot of skills and tips from almost any subject in life because Tim extracts tools and routines including favorite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time management, and more.

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