Body Weight Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Hi Fam!

I know we all sometimes get stuck in the same routine. Day after day we repeat the same weight lifting regimen and let's face it, that can get very boring after a while. Well, i'm here to offer you some variety! You can choose to take this workout outdoors or do it at home. One thing is for certain though, you have no excuses not to find a reason to try this workout! No equipment and minimal space needed. Do 5 rounds of this HIIT circuit and get ready to SWEAT!

60 seconds x Toe Taps on Fence

Try to do these as fast as possible, getting your heart rate up real high! Find a surface to actually tap as it makes it more challenging.

15 x Side Lunge to Squat & Tuck Jump

Focus on form during the side lunges and squat - don't let your knee pass your toes. Prioritize proper landing after the tuck jump versus getting your knees really high - that will come with time.

15 x Single Leg Incline Pushups

Square your hips, tuck your elbows back and engage your core.

15 x Squat to tuck to Sprint

Focus on an explosive sprint and back jog! I want you to really work on the reaction time during this exercise.

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