Spa Month Miami Review, The Setai

Miami Spa Month is in full swing! If you didn’t yet know, Miami Spa Month is an annual event where top-notch resort and hotel spas offer spa treatments from $109 to $159 during the months of July and August. Essentially, the most luxurious and unaffordable spas in Miami become somewhat affordable for anyone desiring to “treat themselves.” Last week, I booked an appointment at the Spa at the Setai located in Miami Beach. I knew nothing about the Setai, except that it is the hotel that “Simon Cowell stays in when he comes to Miami.” This is what I thought:

Atmosphere: The Setai is Asian inspired from its décor to its soothing background music. Once I stepped foot into the resort, walking past a huge bouquet of blood red roses, I completely forgot that I was in Miami Beach. The tranquil atmosphere is perfect for a day meant to unwind and relax. The changing/lounge area of the spa is incredibly small, having only a small sauna, two shower and sink areas, and a few bathrooms. It is not meant to hide out inside, but to change and head to the rest of the resort and spa. I changed into a robe, put on my complimentary sandals and was whisked away to my massage.

My Treatment: From the options that the Spa offers during Spa Month, I decided to try the Themae Signature Massage. My masseuse was a friendly, middle aged Russian woman who opened the doors to a large Asian-inspired room with two beds. She led me to a sofa area where she washed my feet in a large golden bowl before guiding me to the massage table. Starting with my back, she explained that the massage I chose was meant to free the body from all tension by working the muscles and skin with agile, graceful and gentle movements. The massage was incredibly relaxing…I even dosed into a sleep, which I never do. At the end of my massage, she raised the back of my bed so that my eyes opened to a beautiful view of the beach and pool, which I thought was the perfect way to end my treatment. I would’ve enjoyed being left there for a few minutes with a tea in my hand, but it was time for me to leave the room.

Amenities: The resort allows you to use the pool and beach access if you purchase a treatment at the spa, so right after my massage I headed to the pool area to further enjoy my day. The Setai has three different pools set at different temperatures, so you don’t dip into a freezing cold pool. I hung out at the pool area and then headed to the beach for a bit, which is less than a 5-minute walk right to the water. When it began to rain, I transitioned into the lobby area for a lychee mocktail, which came with complimentary snacks. This is a place you can definitely spend the entire day, detaching from the world.

Is it Worth it?: Although the spa itself is extremely small and limited in its amenities, the hotel itself, including the pool and beach area is so pleasant that I really enjoyed my time! For a total of about $200 for the day, I felt like I had been on a week-long vacation. If you’re desperate for a day void of business, schedules, and loud noise, this might just be the perfect place.

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