OFF THE RACK: Jawbreaking with Jefferson Ellison

NYFW is fast approaching and I couldn’t be more excited. From the shows to the amazing street style displayed—it’s definitely like Christmas in September for fashionistas. My absolute favorite part of fashion week? New designers. I love known brands like Michael Costello, Jeremy Scott, Ozlana, and PRISCAVera as much as the next girl but they all started as new designers unafraid of taking risks prior to becoming household names. We created our new series “Off the Rack” to introduce you to new brands and designers who are sure to leave an impressionable dent in the fashion industry.

(Jefferson Ellison of Jawbreaking)

First up: Jefferson Ellison of Jawbreaking. When he walks into a room his presence is undeniable. He has an aura of “I’m too cool for you but honey look at my outfit”. His style is simple, versatile, and magnetic—his laughter is contagious and he also happens to be one of my favorite humans on the planet. His brand, Jawbreaking, is a streetwear brand launched in 2008. His designs have been seen on celebrities like Zayn Malik, Ed Sheeran, Max Schneider, and Taryn Manning. Jefferson likes to say his brand stands at the forefront of the youthquake and those who wear his designs are sure to drop jaws and break hearts.

We recently caught up with him in the midst of the chaos that is preparing for fashion week and were able to ask him a few questions. Read his answers with sass included:

How did you initially get started in the fashion industry?

JE: I’ve always been interested in fashion. When I was 16 and bored in my small town, I started pitching myself as a stylist and consultant to local businesses. Then I went to school for it. So… that helped.

What does fashion week mean to you?

JE: Fashion Week is the industry at it’s finest. It’s work. It’s networking. It’s long hours and sweat and all the drama. But it’s also great parties and dinners, late nights, strong drinks and dope lewks.

Whose lines are you most excited to see?

JE: I’m most excited to see my own fucking line (laughs). We’re doing out first RTW collection and it’s been a long time coming. So here’s hoping it all comes together. (Fashion lingo translation: RTW means ready to wear)

How would you describe Jawbreaking’s aesthetic?

JE: Very casual. But like… Twitter’s definition of casual. You know like when you dress up but want to pretend like you didn’t try on your outfit but like you still want to be comfortable but still cute? That’s us.

Who’s your muse?

JE: Seventeen-year-old girls and gay boys who live in Texas but read Vogue.

(Side commentary from Mandy: if you know Jefferson, this is the most Jefferson answer ever)

What’s a certain trend/style that you love right now?

JE: I call it the “Instagram effect”. I love that people are turning everything into a photo op and elevating even the simplest look. Off the shoulder jackets, fanny packs across the chest, t-shirts and biker shorts with heels? I’m all for it!

(Pictured here is Evan Stanley wearing Jawbreaking)

My go to outfit is…

JE: Skinny jeans, Chelsea boots, an oversized shirt, and a hat. I wear the same 4 rings, diamond studs, and gold chain every day. The only thing that changes is the shirt and the hat. If it’s a jawbreaking Tee I’ll wear a fedora. If it’s a jawbreaking hat, I’ll wear a button-down.

Please stop wearing ____ trend: None of them! Long live the trends!

What is one thing about your job that no one would expect?

JE: The anxiety and the self-doubt. Sorry if that’s dark. My job – all my jobs – are pretty stereotypical. It’s lots of emails, and celebrity obsession and social media and events. But all of it comes with a lot of pressure. Until you’re personally responsible for representing a perspective to the world, you never truly understand how nerve-wracking and emotional it is. I mean, I freak out about articles on our platform—like when we write about breakups from high school… that’s free to read. Imagine how I feel trying to put together a collection tahat people have to pay for.

NYFW starts September 6 through September 14th. If you’d like to meet Jefferson in person and schedule an appointment to see Jawbreaking’s ready to wear collection please email

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