Table Talk - Kareena Scott

Kareena Scott is a professional model represented by various agencies in the United States. You may recognize her from recent work in Nike and Reebok campaigns as well as recent work in print publications. Kareena says she loves modeling because it never gets boring to her. She especially loves location shooting because she loves being outdoors and the time passes by quickly. She is always progressing to try and become the best version of herself she can be.

We sat down with Kareena to get a bit more insight on what a modeling lifestyle is like in terms of training and nutrition. Here’s what she had to say:

Can you describe what your week looks like in terms of workouts?

I hit the gym at least 3 times a week. I prefer to do fasted cardio, abs, butt exercises and a little bit of a leg workout.

Do you follow a specific nutritional regimen? I don’t really have a specific diet I follow by but I do mostly eat fish and occasionally beef. This is by choice because chicken is just boring to eat for me. It’s hard to get me impressed by it. And Pork I just don’t eat.

Do you have any morning or daily ritual?

I love to drink water with lemon on the daily. With any meal or on the go it helps with the digestive system. However In the mornings and before any heavy meal I do take a shot of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar to break down heavy food faster. This seems to work for me and is a great natural fat burner.

What do you normally have for the following meals?

Breakfast: Egg whites with side of avocado and fruit or oatmeal.

Snack: Usually granola bar or popcorn

Lunch: Sometimes I don’t even have lunch but I try to eat my heavier meals around lunch. It varies with what ever I cook the night before for dinner. Some examples are fish with mashed potato and veggies, pizza, black bean burgers, etc.

Dinner: Currently eating salmon and rice or shepard’s pie, beef soup

Do you feel like your profession puts pressures on you to eat less than you want to?

No I don’t feel pressured modeling because I eat in moderation. If I know I have an important job coming up I mentally and physically prepare for it so I’m always in my best shape.

Have you always been so lean? If not, what changes did you make to mold your body? Has your diet changed throughout your life?

It’s mostly hereditary (I know I’m blessed) but I’ve always been an active person I was a former dancer. I’ve been dancing all my life so that taught me discipline and to always keep up. After high school I just continued going to the gym to maintain my physique and I do the occasional hot yoga.

Do you have periods of time where you eat less or more? Why?

I don’t really eat less I eat in moderation because I don’t believe you should starve yourself just to be something your not. I only eat more when I’m drinking let’s be for real haha.

As a model, do you meet women that have undergone eating disorders? Do you feel that there is less of a societal push to make you look super, super slim?

I have met a few but I feel bad for them that they are pushing their bodies like that because it’s so unhealthy. It’s mostly fashion models since it is hard to stay so thin because their measurements have to stay precise and they can’t fluctuate.

Social media plays a huge part on being able to book work nowadays. Do you feel that's fair? What are your views on this?

I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT. It’s not fair for the girls who are actually talented. The industry has changed for the worst because clients would rather book girls who have a 100k following that just take selfies and post naked photos over a girl who works her ass off to stay relevant and actually has talent. It’s hard and a full time job to keep up nonetheless. But we all have to do it and what’s meant to be will happen at the right time. If you keep grinding clients will start to notice and book you based off what they see.

If you had to give people 3 nutrition tips that have helped you what would they be?

- Shots of Apple cider vinegar before heavy meals

- Take time to do something active for at least 30 min.

- Try to eat heavier meals during lunch and not dinner.

(Moderation is key)

Anything else you want to add?

My fav mantra to live by is: “What’s for me will always be for me.” That’s why I relax. I don’t need to compete or seek validation. “What’s for me is always for me.”

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