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As a personal trainer and Flywheel instructor, it’s a safe bet to say that I sweat… a lot. This February I was taking a look at my lifestyle and I saw that I was doing a few things that didn’t really align – like drinking Diet Coke a.k.a. poison (I’ll expand on this in a different post) and using regular deodorant, which I found out while writing this HAS NOT actually been proven to cause cancer. Although I am aware of these findings now, I still believe that reduced exposure to harsh chemicals is something that I want to practice in my daily life. It's always better to be safe than sorry in my eyes, especially if you can find a replacement that works just as well.

So one day in February I ran out of deodorant. I said to myself “wow I should really try and look into some natural deodorants.” But if we are being completely honest, I was too lazy to look into it so I opted out of deodorant for a few days and to my surprise, my pits stopped stinking. I thought this was weird because I had always been extremely self conscious about my scent (I also have a very sensitive sense of smell), so the fact that I was okay smelling like myself and not like Dove lavender was a milestone within itself.

I know a lot of you are like “omg why should I listen to deodorant advice from someone who doesn’t even smell?” Well, here’s the truth. Yes, my pits didn’t smell for a bit but I noticed it was because of two reasons. One, It was wintertime in Los Angeles, so I didn’t really work up much of a sweat unless I was in class, and two, I was eating very clean foods without experimenting too much with seasoning. The moment I started to incorporate different foods and seasonings and when the weather got a bit hotter was when my B.O. immediately returned. Which is when I decided to look into natural deodorants for real.

I knew I needed to research so I turned to the gram for some suggestions. I got an overwhelming response from ladies all over suggesting natural deodorants to try and I was honestly so pleased to know that so many people had made this change!

Now, I’m not a millionaire and your girl can’t be investing in all the deodorants available so I want to share reviews on the ones that I tried. Most of the suggested deodorants needed to be ordered online so I went to the store and got the only one available to hold me off to start – Tom’s.

I tried all these products through two back-to-back Flywheel classes as a test -- Let's get to the reviews:

Tom’s Of Maine: An embarrassment to all natural deodorants

Not only does this natural deodorant not work at all, it makes your armpits sticky. There is nothing that I enjoy less than using a deodorant that is going to make my pits smell the same and make me feel uncomfortable. Like that weird place where you’re not really sweating but you kind of are and your skin sticks together. That’s what Tom’s does upon application. I don’t know why stores have this deodorant and not other natural deodorants. I feel like most people who are like “natural deodorants don’t work girl,” tried Tom’s and were like “yeah, it’s gonna be a hard no from me.” I would have said the same thing should I not have been so determined to find a solution. My husband sadly reverted back to regular deodorant after trying Tom’s for two days and feeling embarrassed in the office. Whoops!

Lavanila: It’s Okay

I got this deodorant because I was in the check out line at Sephora and they had a sample size of it available. I was honestly skeptical to try out another product because of my experience with Tom’s but I figured I’d give it another shot. I liked this deodorant better because it looked like it had the texture of the regular deodorants. When I applied it I noticed that my armpits felt smoother, not sticky, and I really liked the smell. Unfortunately this product did not last too long for me. I would say after one class I needed to re-apply because I was stinking pretty severely. I also didn’t like that little deodorant balls would form in my armpits.

Crystal Deodorant Stick: Runner Up

I was so surprised that this actually worked. And it’s also a really cool concept. It’s made of mineral salts. So it’s basically a big salt crystal that you wet and then put on your pits and it blocks odor. Now, I wore it for two Flywheel classes and it worked as well as any other regular deodorant would. The only thing that makes this product a runner up, and this is a personal preference, is the fact that it doesn’t really add any sort of “smoothness” factor to my armpits. It doesn’t bother me, but I notice when a product offers it because it is one of the main things that I miss about regular deodorant.


I ordered this deodorant because another instructor recommended it to me. I tried it and I immediately was like “holy shit this is the winner.” To start, the application and feel of this deodorant is so similar to that of regular deodorant (if not better). It has a smooth application and it leaves your skin feeling super soft and smooth. Your skin does not get stuck together. It’s like baby skin but on an adult. The scent is amazing and long lasting. I tried the lavender scent and the eucalyptus and I am completely obsessed with eucalyptus. It obviously passed the two-class test. After getting this deodorant I ordered one for my hubby (musk scent) in hopes that he would give the natural deodorant thing one more shot. He loved it! He appreciated how long lasting it was and just enjoyed that it actually worked overall, unlike “other deodorants that claim to be 24 hours but are not.”

I’m definitely open to trying different natural deodorant brands as I’m sure that there are other great options out there, but I wanted to share my findings after months to hopefully save you some money on the brands you should already rule out.

I know that a lot of people recommended different wipes or essential oils, but to be honest my activity level and amount of interaction with people requires that I take a bit more preventative action that wiping once I start to smell or using just simple oils although that seems like the safest bet and will probably work for others.

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