Getting Back to "It" After the Holidays.

How guilty are you feeling after Thanksgiving dinner? Your answer should be "not at all" actually. Holidays come around once a year and it's important that we stay present and not lose focus of what truly matters. Family, memories, love and living in that moment that we will never get back. To be completely honest, if you're constantly on top of your fitness/ health by eating right 80% of the time and exercising regularly, an extra meal or two of true indulgence will NOT make a difference! Most of the "extra weight" you'll be feeling post holiday dinner is most likely water weight from foreign carbs and a little too much sodium. A few days back on track with your eating and you'll feel back to normal, this I promise you.

It's also normal to have a hard time finding the motivation to get back on your grind. You are not alone! I pretty much struggle with this all year round and I'll share with you exactly what helps me ease my way back into it, whatever "it" may be. 1. Structure 2. Movement 3. Consistency First and foremost, make sure all your leftovers are gone, eaten, fed to the dog etc. Once that's out of the way (till Christmas), get some structure in your life! Meal prep. Ever heard of that? I'm sure you have and you're rolling your eyes at the screen like "Okay everyone says to do this but like, really?" YES, really. The thing is, when you don't plan ahead you leave room for error. You have an unexpected busy day and you're frantically searching through your kitchen for something, ANYTHING. Well, there's bread but no cold cuts and goldfish so... you have a goldfish sandwich. Amazing, you just had an absolutely pointless, processed carb filled snack. See if you had just gone grocery shopping on Sunday with a plan and a physical list (none of that in my head list s***) maybe you could have avoided this and stocked up on some yummy fruits, yogurt, granola, nuts... you get the picture. So again, structure. I highly suggest making a meal calendar for the week and making sure you have all the ingredients at hand to cook those meals. Along with snacks, and some yummy goodies for that sweet tooth. Balance, remember?

Next, get moving! If you fell off your gym routine during Thanksgiving fun, that's more than okay. Memories and family time will always be more important than that workout you missed. If you're able to jump right back into it, great for you! If you're not, don't stress it! Slowly get back into the groove of things by setting small goals for the week. Start with 3 workouts for the week and push yourself to get that done. Switch your workouts around to fit your lifestyle if you need to! For example, for my stay at home mama's who can't leave their child and go to the gym, go to the park! It's a great way to distract your little and jump around for 30 min or so to get a sweat on. Any workout is better than none.

Side note: you can totally apply some structure to your workouts too. Plan ahead and have an idea of when and where you can get your workouts in for the week. Always take advantage of the moments when you can get it done rather than leaving it for "tomorrow". Tomorrow can take a turn and not go as planned, which will lead to regretting not getting it done "yesterday". Did that make sense? Always be one step ahead of yourself.

Consistency. This may be the hardest step but with good structure, you got this! What else can I say ... just stick to it. Keep going. Don't stop. Get it. Move forward. Don't give up. Trust the process. All of the above. If one week doesn't go as planned, it's FINE. Try again the following week and so on. If you fall off for too long and find it hard to get back on track, start from the top of this article (lol).

So, what are you waiting for? GO. Eat, Breathe, Sweat, repeat (pun intended). If you'd like some more daily motivation, or really cute vids of a baby, follow me on the gram @andrea__salini. I try my best to be as open as possible as a stay at home mom trying to balance life so y'all can see that U AIN'T THA ONLY ONEEEEE. Much love and Happy Holidays!

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